Home Theater Buyers Guide

Bose LifeStyle People have been watching movies for decades. With their huge screens and booming sound, the cinema experience was far more enjoyable than a normal television. But today, thanks to HDTV and 7.1 sound , people can replicate the cinema experience in their own homes.

A large 1080p HDTV can give the immersive feel of a cinema. Whether plasma , or LED or LCD , many screens from many manufacturers can give this feel to viewers of all budgets. A few years back, an HDTV would have cost thousands of dollars. Today, a 40inch 1080p unit can cost under 800 dollars. Onkyo Home Theater The audio standard today is 7.1, which means seven speakers (three speakers in front, two on the sides, two rear), and one subwoofer for the bass. 5.1 removes the side speakers, but is still quite good. A $500 home theater system generally includes speakers, a receiver, and the wires used to hook everything together. You may need additional wires to attach it to the television; better wires reduce the buzz in the speakers. A power conditioner can also reduce buzz, both in the speakers and screen.

The final piece of a home theater system is the input. True HD input comes from Blu-Ray players and HD cable or satellite with an HD converter box. All are usually required. DVD players may mimic HD, but only Blu-Ray is true HD. Some channels are broadcast in HD over the airwaves, but this varies by region. With this equipment, the theater experience is no longer exclusive to cinemas. Let our knowledgeable staff help you create your home theater today!