Choosing The Right Headphones

Ready to take your listening skills and music enjoyment to the next level of clarity and comfort? As headphones are not exactly new technology, manufacturers have had ample time to develop many varieties. In the wide world of headphones, there’s something to fit any bill.

The foremost issue you’ll need to consider is what you want to use your headphones for. Are you an audiophile who loves music rendered at the highest quality, or do you simply need to listen to some of your favorite jams to really get into your sport or fitness practice?

Headphones For Runners

If you’re considering using your new headphones while walking or running, remember that you may want to avoid the best noise canceling types, especially if you frequent highly-driven roads on foot. Although over-ear headphones with a headband seem like the best choice, there are a large selection of sports earbuds that are increasingly popular. These headphones are designed for active people, are engineered to stay in the ear, and some are even wireless. Some manufacturers such as yurbuds have designed their in-ear headphones especially for runners. Not only can users listen to their tunes, but they can also clearly hear their surrounding environment including vehicles approaching from the rear.

Gaming Headphones

Gamers know that even the best sounding headphones they can get will integrate with any version of iPod, Mp3 player or other portable music device they already own, as easily as they will plug into computers. Even playing on a customized system with the best video card, processor, and peripherals is no fun if the sound quality is poorly reproduced, and with the amount of detail put into sound effects and scores in modern games, you won’t want to miss a thing. Where high prices make the best speakers a bit more of an investment, on-ear gaming headphones are a great alternative, and allow for gaming well into the night, without waking your neighbors and roommates.

Headphones For Talkers

Cell phone headphones are widely available in both classic and earbud styles. This style features a built-in mic and usually a volume control as well. Some models are specifically designed for Apple products whereas others are more universal.

Many cell phone headphones are manufactured in an “earbud” style that fits right into your ears. Most classic listening headphones consist of simple foam covered speakers mounted to adjustable “hairband-style” frames for easy fitting. By snugging into the opening of your ear canals, earbuds are able to reproduce completely audible, high quality sound with a much lower rate of power consumption than many other headphone variants, meaning that your portable device’s batteries won’t drain like you’re used to. Those who work in high stress environments, where they need to maintain awareness of their surroundings, love earbuds as they only get so loud. At normal volumes, one can easily hear traffic or conversation around them, but if that doesn't sound like what you want, you’ll need upgraded headphones.

Headphones For DJs

DJs are recognized for their large, noise canceling headphones that allow them to blast music at high volumes yet still mix accurately from their station. These are similar to the sound isolating headphones that you may have seen with huge “listening cup” style speakers. For maximum sound reproduction and the lowest amount of outside noise interference you've ever experienced, sound isolating and noise canceling headphones are crucial. Like many cell phone-specific models and gaming headphones, these can be wireless for the added convenience of being able to move with your music.

For The Fashioned Minded

You don't want to get tired of wearing your headphones. In-ear and on-ear headphones can cause irritation if not correctly worn. Some people go for comfort and others go for style. Some manufacturers have even created headphones with designs and in multiple colors for those who want to stand out or blend in. Take the time to peruse your headphone options before making your headphone decision.