Headphone Amplifiers Explained

Today headphones have become more popular than ever with the use of Smartphone’s and portable media devices. Likewise there has been a resurgence in high performance headphones in the market that require a little more power than your device can output. Enter the headphone amplifier market.

Some companies have gone to producing headphone amplifiers that can produce as much as ten times the power that is output from your 35 milliwatt Smartphone. That’s pretty impressive, especially when it comes to some of the really nice high end headphones.

Why do you need one? Do you want better sound? I think so. That’s generally what headphone amplifiers can do for you. More power in the headphone amplifier doesn’t necessarily mean more volume, but usually better sound quality. Especiall improvment in sound staging, detail, overall output of tonality, coloration of the music, their all factors to be considered.
We carry a wide variety of headphone amplifiers, including solid state selections from Creek, Grado, a tube amplifier from Bellari, and a hybrid tube amplifier from Music Hall. And when you get into the tube amplifiers it’s important to know which tube is going to work best with your amplifier and your headset. One of the big conveniences of headphone amplifiers is their size, these are made to fit on any desktop and they can be used in place of any full sized A/V receiver just to power your headphones.

When you finally get your headphone amplifier it’s as easy as connecting any CD player. Your analog source is going to connect to the backside here on the RCA input. After you’ve connected your source, connect your headphones to the headphone jack on the front or backside of your amplifier, set your volume to eleven and you're ready to rock.