Harman Kardon SB 30 Virtual Surround Speaker Bar with Wireless Subwoofer


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Harman Kardon

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Details & Highlights

Details from Harman Kardon

    Contains everything you need to get started.
    When you buy the stylish, sleek Harman Kardon SB 30 home theater speaker system, you get everything you need: an advanced soundbar speaker, a wireless subwoofer, IR remote control, soundbar wall-mount brackets, a power supply, and digital and analog audio cables. What you don't get is a reason to go back to the store - since you'll have every component you need to get your entertainment experience up and running in no time. Simply add your TV and Blu-ray Disc™ or DVD player to the mix and get ready to be blown away by compelling audio that's truly unrivaled when it comes to sound and space.

    Give your flat-screen a stylish complement.
    Designed to mount elegantly alongside or underneath your flat-screen TV, the SB 30 soundbar is a sleek central speaker system powered by exclusive HARMAN NSP technology - with 13 transducers and nine amplifiers in place to deliver a compelling surround sound experience. Designed to work skillfully in tandem with the wireless subwoofer to transform the "flat" sound of your TV into a richer, more dynamic surround sound experience, the SB 30 packs quite the punch - yet never requires any extra speakers. Simply plug it into your TV, DVD or gaming console and prepare to hear exceptional sound that's, well, unheard of.

    A wireless subwoofer fits anywhere.
    The SB 30's wireless subwoofer offers you unprecedented flexibility in terms of placement - since there's a grand total of zero wires and connections going into the soundbar from the subwoofer itself. Given this d�cor-friendly, 8-inch (250-millimeter), 100-watt subwoofer, you can expect an impactful bass punch and overall excitement level that make you feel like part of the action. In addition, the subwoofer also has a down-firing bass-reflex enclosure, so you can expect higher bass output since it loads against the floor instead of surrounding walls, yielding more realistic bass performance and overall, a more engrossing experience.

    Hear exclusive HARMAN NSP technology.
    Whether you're watching a sitcom or a blockbuster movie, you always want to feel like part of what's unfolding on screen. Given that it's powered by exclusive HARMAN NSP surround mode, the SB 30 soundbar achieves a new pinnacle of realism thanks to extremely advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and 13 transducers fed by nine individual amplifiers, creating a highly immersive surround sound environment. That's a lot of horsepower for just one soundbar speaker. Not to mention that it also eliminates all the clutter and hassle of installing a bunch of extra surround channel speakers.

    Dolby® Digital and DTS® digital decoding
    Movie soundtracks come in a variety of modes. Fortunately, the Harman Kardon® SB 30 home theater system has advanced Dolby® Digital or DTS® sound decoding that can handle them all. When you listen to a movie using the SB 30, you'll experience superb spatial realism - the sense that you're inside the movie, with all of its sounds moving as the characters on screen do. You'll hear every detail of fights, love scenes and musical scores.

    Benefit from an adjustable beam energy function.
    The exclusive HARMAN NSP surround mode is powerful on the SB 30, but its power is nothing if not refined - since you can control the soundbar using beam energy functionality. Using these generous customization features, you can control the surround sound effect, tailoring sound output to best suit the listening area - be it a small, medium or large room. No matter what the room dynamics are, you'll benefit from intuitive, advanced and exclusive technology that won't be found in any other home theater sound system.

    Gain control with Dolby® Volume.
    Nothing disrupts TV or film viewing like having to constantly adjust volume to make up for inconsistent sound levels. In the name of keeping quality at its highest, the SB 30 integrates Dolby® Volume technology, which maintains the same volume level, no matter which channel or program you may be watching. No more being jolted out of your seat by a loud commercial - or having to adjust the volume every time you change channels. Dolby Volume ensures that the sound's original balance will be kept at all times - and at all volumes - so your entertainment happens seamlessly while sounding precisely how the artist intended.

    Works at any position in any room
    Place the Harman Kardon® SB 30 home theater sound system wherever you want, and it'll deliver a full 5.1-channel surround-sound experience from wall to wall. You can use the system in small, medium-size or large rooms, thanks to its adjustable surround-energy function. While other systems include multiple satellite speakers, the SB 30 packs a full range of speakers into its single soundbar, which fits on a variety of walls and tabletops - even next to your TV, since the soundbar's video shielding blocks interference. (The SB 30 includes hardware to wall-mount the soundbar.) The system's subwoofer includes controls for adjusting the phase, crossover frequency and volume level to fit your taste and your room's configuration, no matter where you put it. And you'll never have to worry about how to run cables from the soundbar to the subwoofer, since this wireless system doesn't have any. As a result, you'll be free to put the components wherever you want.

    Receive input (digital and analog) from multiple sources.
    Because it comes with optical digital, coaxial digital and analog input connections, the SB 30 offers you the flexibility to expand your system by adding several different kinds of devices. Conveniently play your TV, DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ player and satellite or cable tuner through your versatile soundbar - without having to unplug wires every time you add or change out a system. In addition, optical digital and coaxial digital inputs also let you avoid unnecessary electrical connections, so you can experience better sound and image quality, while incurring less signal corrosion over time.

    Take control with an IR remote.
    The SB 30 comes with a small IR remote that provides control over all your SB 30 soundbar functionality. This convenient, easy-to-use remote control not only helps you to get the best audio performance out of your SB 30 system, but by its small size, also helps to reduce the clutter on your coffee table.

    Eliminate interference with magnetically shielded speakers.
    Given the eye-catching aesthetics of your SB 30 soundbar speaker, there`s a good chance that you'll want to put it on display right next to your flat-panel TV. And you can, thanks to the interference-blocking, magnetically shielded speakers in the soundbar and subwoofer. With this quality-enforcing feature, you can avoid interruptions to the magnetic field in the TV by placing your soundbar underneath your TV (within 2 feet/60 centimeters). By successfully eliminating interference and distortion, the magnetically shielded soundbar gives you the freedom to put your soundbar speaker anywhere you please - and the peace of mind to know that you'll get the best picture and sound quality possible once you do.

    Tailor performance to location.
    The SB 30 soundbar includes a dual-position EQ switch that intuitively adjusts the soundbar's center-loudspeaker bass, improving your system's performance depending on where you've installed or placed it. If you've mounted your soundbar on a wall, flip the switch to the "Wall" position for the most natural-sounding bass performance. Similarly, if you've put the soundbar on a tabletop, simply set the EQ switch to the "Table" position to achieve the same improved result. Either way, you can customize the sound quality to achieve the best possible result for you and your audience.

    Take control of your subwoofer.
    No matter where you put your SB 30 wireless subwoofer, you'll benefit from many advanced features that can make your listening experience ideal. One such feature is volume control, which lets you adjust the subwoofer's sound levels to accommodate all types of entertainment. Second, there's a crossover and phase-control switch that lets you optimize subwoofer performance depending on the placement of the speakers in the room. This lets you optimize subwoofer performance in many different locations and listening environments, depending on personal taste. This way, you have flexibility to get the sound you paid for - in whatever room you like.

    Avoid interference with wireless code switches.
    The last thing you want is any interruption to the picture once you're fully immersed in a film or TV show. However, if you do experience the rare case of interference, you can always change the wireless channel on which the system operates. To do so, simply find one of the four-position wireless code switches on both the soundbar speaker and the subwoofer and flip the switch to one of the other three positions. This way, you can enjoy a continuous entertainment experience at its peak performance - entirely free of distraction.

    Mount your soundbar wherever you please.
    Designed as an ideal complement to your flat-screen TV both in terms of style and sophistication, the SB 30 is sleek and easy to install right underneath a mounted plasma or LCD screen - thanks to the wall-mounting hardware that is included with the SB 30 system. Simply install the wall-mount brackets, attach the soundbar in a few short steps, and then immediately experience dramatic surround sound and distinct, clear dialogue. And remember: The subwoofer's wireless, so you don't have to worry about wires running across the room. Good thing - because once you get immersed in the action, we can't have you tripping on any cords.

    Automatic turn-on feature.
    For all of its impressive physicality, the SB 30 also has a somewhat intuitive nature to how it operates. For example, it comes with an automatic turn-on circuit. Simply begin playing a disc or some other connected source and the system will recognize this happening - and automatically turn itself from "standby" mode to "on." This makes the system easier to use and saves you time and some energy as well, since it's not constantly running - only when it needs to be.

    The Harman Kardon® brand - a legacy of sound achievement.
    With its sleek look, easy setup and surround sound simplicity, the SB 30 home theater soundbar system is a consummate example of the Harman Kardon® tradition for giving listeners what they want. Exemplifying the balance between high style, modern design and audio ingenuity, the SB 30 is a true embodiment of the Harman Kardon spirit of innovation - one that's been celebrated by audio enthusiasts across the world for almost 60 years.
    From the world's first stereo receiver (the Festival® TA230) to the multimedia masterpiece that became part of the permanent collection at New York City's Museum of Modern Art (the SoundSticks® speaker system), Harman Kardon engineers consistently advance the science of sound, developing magnificent audio products that are wholeheartedly dedicated to quality and durability, generating rave reviews from audiophiles.


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