Open Box Electronics For Sale
Open Box Electronics For Sale

Hahnel Capture Module–Pro | DSLR Camera Remote Control (HL–CAPTURPRO) (Open Box)

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Product Highlights

    4 Way Trigger System for your DSLR

    Set it and forget it with the Hahnel Captur Module – Pro. With 4 built–in sensors (light, sound laser & Infrared) you have the freedom to automate your camera by pre–selecting programmable conditions and waiting for the magic to happen. Ideal for time lapse photography, high speed photography, motion and wildlife photography, the Captur Module – Pro features fully programmable timed sequences including delay, interval timer, exposure count and exposure length settings for endless possibilities to capture the perfect image. A shutter release button gives you autofocus, single and continuous shoot modes and bulb modes to choose from. Want to connect a 3rd party sensor like a pressure plate or temperature sensor? The Capture Module – Pro comes with an AUX port for use with 3rd party sensors for even greater versatility. Use the Light setting for fireworks and lightening, the built–in light sensor will trigger your camera when light levels go above or below your setting. Use the infrared mode to trigger image capture when something breaks through the beam like wildlife or drops of water hitting the surface. Similar to the infrared setting, the laser sensor will also detect when an object breaks the laser beam – ideal for macro and wildlife images. Lastly, use the sound sensor to capture events like shattering glass, a balloon pop, or any other image that correlates with an audible noise. The Captur Module – Pro gives you the freedom to set time lapse photography by presetting intervals over a long period of time without being present to press the shutter. Or use the long exposure setting for moving objects.

Details from Hahnel

    Time–Lapse, High Speed, Motion, & Wildlife

    From city–scapes to sky–scapes to blooming flowers, you can use the Hahnel Captur Module–Pro to capture amazing time–lapse images. You can take multiple photographs at certain intervals over a long period of time to and edit into a moving sequence to create the most beautiful time–lapse arrangements and videos. Other features included consist of programmable delay, interval timer, exposure count, & exposure length setting

    Built–In Sensors

    The laser sensor detects moving objects once the laser beam is broken which is great for shooting water droplets, macro, and wildlife images. A sound sensor is also featured in the Hahnel Captur Module–Pro which triggers your camera or flash when it detects sound allowing you to photograph shattering glass or a gun being fired. Using the light sensors, you can easily capture sudden changes in light such as fireworks or lightening.

    Long Exposure

    Long Exposure photography can bring real life into pictures by snapping objects as the move with prolonged exposure time. Using this method, the Module–Pro makes it easy to create incredible shots of stars, landscapes, seascapes, and much more.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year Limited Warranty
Detailed Specifications
    Product Features
  • Shutter Release Button: Yes
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • Single & Continuous Shooting: Yes
  • Bulb Mode: Yes
  • Auxiliary Ports: Yes
  • Built–in Sensors
  • Laser: Yes
  • Sound: Yes
  • Light: Yes
  • Infrared: Yes
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Included Coverage from Hahnel: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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