Fujifilm X100S | Black 16MP Camera w/ FUJINON optics

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    X100S Black 16-megapixel Digital Camera Body
    Sleek sophistication with a history of excellence comes together in the Fuji Film X100s. Slim and ultra portable, the X100s boasts 16 megapixels that deliver stunningly beautiful images with every click. Featuring an intelligent hybrid auto focus that instantly switches to the optimal focusing system, an EXR Processor II that doubles the processing speed of the previous generation, a 22mm F2 fixed focal length lens, and a hybrid viewfinder, the X100s is sure to amaze casual and professional photographers alike. Be sure to see what other Fujifilm products and accessories we offer for sale.

Details from Fujifilm

    Pursuit of Image Quality
    Commitment to Uncompromising Image Quality

    The high–quality FUJINON lens, the larger sensor, and the processor – each device is the product of our commitment to uncompromising quality in every detail. Each exploits the full potential of the other, achieving an optimum balance that enhances their total performance. This is the FUJIFILM way &nash; a development approach that has produced breakthrough after breakthrough in image quality. FUJIFILM X. It is the promise of ultimate image quality.

    Exploration of New Angles on Photography
    Subject Through the Viewfinder

    Experience photography with the viewfinder that incorporates the cutting edge of FUJIFILM technology! Through the viewfinder, your eye finds the freedom to compose your shot in a wide field of view and the luxury of a bright, clear view of the scene. Here is the pleasure of focusing on your subject, and the endless fascination of exploring the scene from every angle. FUJIFILM X Series. It is the promise of discovery of a new world through the viewfinder.

    Quality & Operability
    The tactile pleasure whenever you hold it and operate the controls. The delight of its styling with a timeless attraction. Your growing attachment to this instrument every time you venture out together. These are qualities that cannot be measured, and the difference is the passion and experience of FUJIFILM. FUJIFILM X. It is the promise of a camera that transcends the definition of a photographic instrument and opens your senses to a world of possibilities.

    X–Trans CMOS II Sensor
    OLPF–less architecture and the original pixel array are the keys to resolution rivaling a full–size sensor. Also the unique integration of phase detection pixels in the array contributes to the dramatic leap in AF speed.

    Leading the way to the ultimate image quality.
    APS–C 16M X–Trans CMOS II Sensor & EXR Processor II

    The extreme resolution of FUJIFILM's bespoke APS–C 16M X–Trans CMOS II sensor with OLPF–less architecture. The clarity of the signal achieved by the optimization of every aspect of its processing circuitry. The enhanced image quality produced by the powerful EXR Processor II.

    Advanced technology transfers the power of the lens into true–to–life photos.
    X–Trans CMOS II incorporates an original color filter array with a highly random pattern, eliminating the need for an optical low–pass filter (OLPF). These filters are used in conventional systems to inhibit moire' at the expense of resolution. The X–Trans CMOS II array lets the sensor capture unfiltered light from the lens, achieving an unprecedented level of resolution.
    In addition, utilizing the enhanced performance of the EXR Processor II, Lens Modulation Optimizer (LMO) factors are calculated to compensate for aberrations and diffraction blur that occur when light passes through the lens and then are applied to produce images with amazing sharpness.

    Intelligent Hybrid Auto Focus
    Auto–switching between phase detection and contrast AF. New Intelligent Hybrid AF brings your scene into focus in only 0.08 sec*.

    Equipped with both the super fast phase detection AF system, and contrast AF for accurate focusing in dark scenes, Intelligent Hybrid AF instantly switches to the optimal focusing system. Applying the fastest algorithm depending on the subject and scene, Intelligent Hybrid AF can bring your subject into focus in the blink of an eye &nash; only 0.08 sec*. at its fastest speed so those priceless moments will never escape your lens.

    EXR Processor II &nash; Double the processing speed of the previous generation.
    The image processing power of the newly developed EXR Processor II not only produces images with increased resolution and higher quality at higher speeds, but also accelerates operational responses. Adoption of a dual CPU and increased clock frequency elevate performance to about twice the processing speed of the previous generation processor**. These improvements also speed up operation, reducing start–up time to only approx. 0.5 sec***. Working in tandem with the high–speed signal readout of the X–Trans CMOS II sensor, the processor reduces the shooting interval to 0.5sec, and raises the maximum continuous shooting speed to 6fps.

    High–Speed Continuous Shooting
    Maximum High–Speed Continuous Shooting Speed of 6fps (max. 29 frames) Shoot at a maximum burst speed of 6 frames per second at full 16–megapixel resolution to capture a series of exposures of moving subjects and other challenging photographic scenes and later select the best shot.

    High Performance Mode
    From instantaneous autofocusing in as fast as 0.08 sec*. to faster start–up, you can maximize the performance of the FUJIFILM X100S to its limits. Also after turning OFF the power, the FUJIFILM X100S enters a "sleep" mode (for a maximum of 24 minutes). Turn ON the power during this time, and the FUJIFILM X100S "wakes up" instantly, reducing the normal start–up time from about 0.9 sec. to approx. 0.5 sec. ready for you to frame and capture the moment.

    Setting new standards in low noise performance
    X–Trans CMOS II Sensor & EXR Processor II

    In the X–Trans CMOS II sensor, the optimized circuits elevate the S/N ratio and produce a clean signal that is enhanced by the powerful new EXR Processor II for a further increase in image quality. The original signal processing of the X–Trans array featuring advanced noise separation technology combines with a newly developed noise reduction process that exploits the color differential to suppress chromatic blur, resulting in image quality far beyond its sensor size.

    Reverse Galilean Optical Clarity
    Offering a comfortable horizontal apparent field of view (approx. 26°), the viewfinder 0.5x magnification is ideal for lens with a 35mm focal length (35mm format equivalent). Adoption of a high–precision prism, high–refractive glass and Super EBC coating, enhance enjoyment of a bright, clear optical image with minimal aberrations.

    Amazing Clarity in both OVF and EVF
    The unique viewfinder shutter controls the entry of light from the optical viewfinder. When it is open, your eye sees the precise clarity of an optical image. When it is closed, the sharp definition of the Live View projected from the LCD panel is displayed.

    Automatically Adjust Frame and Information Display Brightness
    Automatically adjusting multiple levels of display brightness according to ambient light conditions, the newly developed Hybrid Viewfinder delivers the crystal clarity of the optical image while optimizing the brightness of frame and information display for comfortable framing of every shot.

    Dark SceneBright Scene
    Power Control System: OVF Power Save Mode

    If you turn this mode on when using the optical viewfinder, the power saving system is activated, doubling the maximum number of images per full charge from 300* in normal operation. It is ideal for getting the most out of your battery capacity and getting a few more valuable shots out of your charge.

    * Maximum shots from a fully charged NP–95 lithium battery pack, based on the CIPA test standard.

    Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) – 100% Coverage 2,360K–dot of High Definition Quality
    When using the EVF, you will enjoy 100% coverage on a sharp image display delivered by a 0.48–inch high–definition LCD delivering 2,360K–dot of resolution. From precision framing of macro shots with "Live View" to quick post–shot reviewing of your results, the EVF is ready with its vividly accurate display whenever you need it.

    Support for Apple's Aperature 3 and iPhoto '11 now available for four FujiFilm Digital cameras. The FujiFilm X20, X100s, X–1 and X–Pro 1 are all compatible with Apple´s Digital Camera RAW compatibility update 4.05. You can learn more on the Apple Support Page.

    Firmware Update Available!

    Fujifilm has released a new firmware version adding new features to the X–series cameras. To learn more please follow this links below for your corresponding camera.


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