Fujifilm X–T1 | Black 16MP Mirrorless Camera w/ XF 18–55mm Lens

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    XT1 XF 18–55mm Kit 16–megapixel Digital Camera
    With the world's largest and fastest multi mode viewfinder, the Fuji XT1 will take your photography to new heights. Featuring a 2.36 million dot OLED display, large APS–C sized 16M X–Trans CMOS II sensor, a housing that's dust, water and temperature resistant up to –10°C, and a Fujinon XF 18–55mm lens, all with perfectly balanced color and tone thanks to 80 years of film research, the XT1 is the perfect all–around camera that will deliver amazing results with ease.

Details from Fujifilm

    FUJIFILM XF 18–55mm f/2.8–4.0 R LM OIS Lens
    With this single versatile zoom featuring a maximum aperture of F2.8 and a broad focal length range from 27mm*wide angle to 84mm* telephoto, the photographer can respond to a variety of scenes. Superbly portable thanks to its compact size, the fast linear motor–driven autofocus and the built–in functionality of four stops of image stabilization ensure comfortable, confident shooting even in challenging situations.

    Multi Mode Viewfinder
    With its high–resolution 2.36million dot OLED display, and the world's highest magnification ratio of 0.77x*, the FUJIFILM X–T1's Real Time Viewfinder allows a true connection to your subject and a purely immersive shooting experience. The viewfinder achieves a wide angle of view of 31°, and with the display's lag time of just 0.005 sec – less that a tenth of conventional cameras – you'll immediately see any changes to your composition, keeping you in touch with whatever you're shooting.

    Weather, Dust, Water, & Cold Resistant Digital Camera.
    The weather resistant structure is sealed in approximately 80 places and is both dust and water resistant. Additionally it is designed to cope in temperatures as low as –10°C allowing field photography without the typical worries about the weather, season or general shooting environment.

    When used in conjunction with the XF18–135mm and Vertical Battery Grip VG–XT1, which have the same sealing structure as the camera body, the camera offers a reliable system for your field photography in damp conditions.

    Intelligent Hybrid Auto Focus
    High–speed responses from the on–sensor phase detection AF system. Accurate focusing in dark scenes that only contrast AF can deliver. The FUJIFILM X–T1 has both, plus Intelligent Hybrid AF for automatic switching to the optimal focusing system for the scene and conditions. A newly developed algorithm improves AF accuracy when shooting low–contrast subjects and dark scenes. The evolved AF system of the FUJIFILM X–T1 brings your subject into sharp focus so quickly that priceless moments will never escape your lens.

    A remarkable leap in high sensitivity – maximum ISO of 51,200
    To broaden photographic opportunities in low–light scenes, you'll find an expanded sensitivity range, which now extends to an impressive ISO 51200. To combat noise at these ultra–high sensitivity settings, the arrangement of components and circuits around the sensor has been redesigned, keeping blacks black, with minimal grain and no color casts.

    Durable full magnesium body
    Strong doesn't have to mean heavy and with its body made from die–cast magnesium, the FUJIFILM X–T1's chassis is not only sturdy and durable, but also compact and lightweight. The exposure compensation, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity dials are all precision milled from aluminum and deliver a reassuring click at every notched setting, while reinforced glass is used for added protection of the LCD screen. In every detail, the high–performance FUJIFILM X–T1 is designed to be tough and reliable.

    Each engraved marking on the dials
    The FUJIFILM X–T1 brings you back to the very essence of photography – the control of light – and it comes via the manual shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity and metering dials. Including the drive dial, all five dials are intuitively arranged on the camera's top–plate and the use of double–deck dials both simplifies operation and streamlines the elegant design.

    Digital Split Image™ manual focus
    Tapping the power of the phase detection pixels integrated in the X–Trans CMOS II sensor, Digital Split Image helps you manually focus your shot with greater precision. While checking the split image displayed in the LCD monitor or EVF, you can manually adjust for pinpoint focus, especially helpful when working with an open aperture or macro shooting.

    Faster together – the X–Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II.
    The adoption of the dual CPU and improved computational performance has doubled the processing speed when compared with the previous generation processor**, the start–up time has also improved to only approx. 0.5 sec.*** Working in tandem with the high–speed signal readout of the X–Trans CMOS II sensor, the processor reduces the shooting interval to 0.5 sec.*4 and shutter time lag to 0.05 sec.

    80 years of photo film research adds up to color reproduction that's second to none.
    Over decades of film manufacture Fujifilm has perfected the skill of color reproduction and it lives on in the FUJIFILM X–T1. Pleasing skin tones, natural blues and greens, and the ability to perfectly record the diversity of white balance conditions throughout the day are all taken in the camera's stride, and it also boasts a wide dynamic range for better reproduction of detail.

    Firmware v3.0 Available

    Fujifilm will release a free, comprehensive firmware update on December 18 specifically for the new FUJIFILM X–T1 Graphite Silver and the original X–T1 Black that will give users exciting new features and controls to dramatically enhance their X–T1 shooting experience, including:

    1. AF (Auto Focus) Area direct selection – Users can select the focus area with the 4–way controller, without pressing the Fn Button.
    2. Function replacement for the AE–L/AF–L buttons – The currently locked AE–L/AF–L button function will now be interchangeable, depending on the user's preference.
    3. Focus Area size variability during MF (Manual Focus) – Users will be able to change the focus area in Manual mode during One Push AF with the AF–L button.
    4. Macro Mode direct selection – Users will be able to directly turn ON or OFF the Macro function in Auto Focus mode to expand the distance measurement range to the short–distance range. This will be possible without accessing the pop–up menu screen.
    5. Q Menu customization – The update will render the items and layout of the Q Menu, used for quick access of frequently–used items, changeable to the user's preference.
    6. Video frame rate selection – In addition to the existing 60fps and 30fps selections, 50fps and 25fps, as well as a 24fps selection will become available to users. 50fps and 25fps allow video editing in the PAL region, such as Europe and elsewhere, without converting the frame rate. The 24fps will offer movie–like video capture and play back.
    7. Video manual shooting – Users will be able to select ISO sensitivity prior to shooting videos, as well as adjusting the aperture and shutter speed during video shooting.
    8. Phase Detection AF support for One Push AF – With One Push AF, operated by pressing the AF–L button during manual focusing, the update will enable Phase Detection AF with quicker focusing speeds.
    9. Metering area focus area interlocking – The update will enable users to interlock the AF area position with the metering area when spot metering is selected.
    10. Expansion of the Program Shift setting area – The update will enable the current Program Shift, in which the low–speed side is 1/4 second, to be shifted to a maximum of 4 seconds.
    11. Electronic Shutter – Adds electronic shutter function to original X–T1 Black bodies with a maximum shutter speed of 1/32000 second.
    12. New "Classic Chrome" Film Simulation – Film simulation that delivers muted tones and deep color reproduction.
    13. Support for INSTAX Share Printer – Photos can be sent directly to the INSTAX Share Printer for instant prints.
    14. Lock Function – Users can lock the camera to prevent unexpected dial and button operations.
    15. AF+MF Setting – Users can half press the shutter to autofocus, and then make fine adjustments using the manual focus ring.
    16. Three Custom White Balance options – Expands number of white balance users can store.
    17. Expanded EVF/LCD display types in Manual Exposure Mode – Users can now customize the way the image is displayed on the EVF or LCD.
    18. LCD Brightness and EVF/LCD Adjustment Control – Users can customize display brightness based on environment.
    19. Flash Compensation in Fn Button Setting – Users can now add Flash Compensation to any of the six custom function buttons.


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