Dyson Pet Clean Up Kit - 5 piece Vacuum Accessory

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    We love our pets, but not the messes they can sometimes make. Whether the stain is an accident related to over–excitement or simply muddy prints after being outdoors the Dyson Pet Clean Up kit extends the cleaning power of your Dyson Vacuum cleaner. Lifting fur and dander from upholstery and mattresses, the Mattress tool attaches to your hose or wand. The Flexi Crevice Tool extends to clean difficult areas inbetween appliances and counters or below vehicle seating. The combination of Zorb and the Zorb groomer provides a 100% recycled and biodegradable solution to lift dirt out of wool and stain resistant carpets.

Details from Dyson

    Flexi Crevice Tool
    The Dyson Flexi crevice tool extends and flexes to clean awkward gaps with your Dyson vacuum cleaner, such as between cabinets and beneath car seats.

    Stiff nylon bristles at the end of the Flexi crevice tool help dislodge stubborn and ground–in dirt, including food waste and other debris. Airflow is faster at the tip – to remove dirt and debris from hard to reach corners and gaps.

    The extendable rubber section balances toughness and flexibility – thick enough to channel high–velocity airflow without deforming, flexible enough to bend around corners. It detaches, so the tough polypropylene main shaft can be used as a regular crevice tool to clean away larger debris.

    Mattress Tool
    Removes dust and dirt from your mattresses and upholstery. Quickly attaches to the hose or wand.

    Zorb groomer
    With long bristles, Zorb groomer works Zorb carpet maintenance powder deep into your carpet. Quickly attaches to wand.

    Dyzolv™ Spot Remover.
    Dyzolv™ spot cleaner removes stubborn spots and spills such as grease, food, drink, and dirt. It has 4 active agents and is ideal for wool and stain–resistant carpets. pH neutral. 8.5 fl. oz.

    Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder
    Cleans and freshens your carpets and rooms with millions of tiny sponges absorb dirt from heavily–used carpet areas. Zorb is ideal for wool and stain–resistant carpets and leaves no sticky detergent residue. The ingredients in this 26.5oz package are determatologically balanced, 100% recycled, and biodegradable.


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    What's in the Box
  • Flexi Crevice Tool
  • Zorb Groomer
  • Mattress Tool
  • Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder
  • Dyzolv™ Spot Remover
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