Digital Treasure PowerFlask | Brown Portable Charger w/13,000mAH Battery

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Make Sure You Have a Designated Mobile Charger Whenever You Go Out!
    When you have the latest Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, power is a premium you cant be without. Need to charge your Nexus, HTC, iPhone, or any other device that suckles from USB? If you do, then the PowerFlask is the portable, sleekly–designed — dare we say intoxicating — charging solution that you should never be without.

    Featuring a powerful 13000 mAh lithium battery, the PowerFlask is the mobile charger that lets you charge three devices at the same time. Charge two tablets and a phone, two phones and a tablet, three phones–whatever you have that needs a charge, the PowerFlask assures you that you won't run out of juice when you need it most.

Details from Digital Treasures

    100 Proof Portable Power
    When you have a family with teenagers or simply enjoy high–tech gadgets, the PowerFlask's dual charging ports ensure that you won't be waiting to charge anything. Avoid those 'me first' squabbles that crop up when everyone has a depleted battery in the same instance. Plug your tablet — or tablets if you're using the included USB–to–Micro–USB cable — into the powerful 2.5 amp tablet port and your phone(s), MP3 player, handheld gaming device — whatever — into the phone–phriendly 1 amp port, and let those gizmos guzzle.

    The Portable Charger with an Electrifying Design
    With a body wrapped in textured black bicast leather accented with subtle red stitching and a top and bottom that gleams with a silver chrome finish, the PowerFlask's signature sexy curve makes it comfy to clasp, and a pleasure to put in your pocket, purse, pouch, bag or backpack.

    Cool–Blue LED
    We've also given the PowerFlask easy–to–understand, cool–blue LED status indicator lights so you'll always know how much charging power remains and when you need to recharge it.

    Here's a Stiff Shot of Portable Power Technology
    What exactly does 13000mAh(milliamp hour) mean? Let us explain: The capacity of the PowerFlask is 13000mAh; with a voltage of 3.7–4.0V, converted to digital products, the standard charging voltage should approximate 5V. As there will be some expended energy during said conversion, the general conversion rate will be in an approximate range of 80% – 96%. This allows you to calculate the numbers of times you can charge your device from a fully recharged PowerFlask.

    Fun with Math!
    To calculate estimated number of charges, you can use the formula X = (Y x Z)/A where X is the number of times a device can be charged from a fully recharged PowerFlask, Y is the PowerFlask's capacity, Z is the conversion rate, and A is the battery capacity of the device in question.

    This Flask Holds Plenty of Juice
    What all that tech–talk means is that PowerFlask delivers an incredible amount of mobile charging power. Take a look at the other portable chargers and you'll find one after another that offers a watered–down 2200mAh, maybe a few at 3400mAh, or even 5600mAh — the PowerFlask is the portable power pack that blows them all away with a dependable 13000mAh. Again, that's 13000mAh. Trust usa??you need this much power. And the PowerFlask uses geniune Samsung batteries, so youre assured of reliably consistent, high–quality performance.

    Includes Everything but the Olive
    The PowerFlask comes with everything you need to give your tablet a tipple and your smartphone a little sauce. It includes a USB–to–Micro–USB cable, a USB–to–Dual–Micro–USB cable (this one lets you charge two devices in a single USB port), 2 Apple 30–Pin Connectors, for iPad 1, iPad 2, and iPad 3, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4/4S (the Lightining Cable that came with the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 works great for charging those particular devices), and a power adapter for charging the PowerFlask. We've also included a handy User Guide that gives you the complete lowdown on optimal operation. And because we never finish a design with 'good enough,' we've made sure to include two ultra–bright LED flashlights, just in case of any emergency lighting situations that come up when you're on the go.

    Get Off the Wagon and Get Plugged In
    Everywhere you go throughout the day (and night), the PowerFlask is the portable power pack that goes with you, making sure that all of those USB devices you can't live without (and let's be honest, there are a lot of USB devices we can't live without), always have a handy shot of superior charging power.


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