Denon DVD-A1UDCI Universal Blu-ray Player


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Details from Denon

    DENON LINK is proprietary high=quality digital audio transmission technology that utilizes a real–time balanced transmission system to protect the signal from external noise. DENON LINK 3rd achieved DSD transmission of Super Audio CD signals, earning high praise for the superior quality of digital signal transmission. With the more advanced DENON LINK 4th™ used in HDMI connection, for HD audio read from Blu–ray disc as well, the master clock that operates the D/A converter of the A/V surround receiver is transmitted to the payer, enabling the circuitry to be operated while sharing the same clock in order to achieve digital audio transmission the negligible jitter. Sound localization becomes more precise, and a greater sense of space is produced in the sound images. When combined with a Denon A/V surround receiver that supports DENON LINK 4th™, uses will be able to enjoy the level of sonic quality that is expected from HD Audio.

    Fully Balanced 2–channel Audio for Blu–ray ™
    Fully balanced transmission circuitry for the entire signal path to the output port has been adopted for the DVD–A1UDCI's dedicated 2–channel analog circuit. When combined with the AVP–A1HDC1 and POA–A1HDC1, fully balanced transmission is possible form the D/A converter to the player to amplification of the power amplifier. The balanced circuits are resistant to noise, as the plus and minus sides of the music signal are transmitted separately. Noise theoretically flowing to the ground can be ignored. If external noise occurs and disturbs the mutual waveform, the disturbance is canceled out at the end of the transmission when the plus and minus sides are combined, enabling the original music signal to be output free of noise. Superior–quality sound expected of flagship system is produced.

    Direct Mechanical Ground Construction.
    The power transformers, itself a source of vibration, has been placed near the ground and immediately above the insulators to allow direct release to the grounds and thoroughly prevent the propagation of unwanted vibration of noise.

    • Hybrid construction with dual–layer top cover and triple–layer bottom cover suppresses vibration and resonance.
    • BMC side panels in high–specific–gravity and high–density hybrid contraction suppress vibration and resonance.
    • Cast–iron insulators absorb vibration and release it to the ground.
    • Advanced S.V.H. Mechanism
      Denon disc drive mechanisms in the DVD–5910, DVD3800BDCI and other digital disc players have received high acclaim. For the DVD–A1UDCI flagship, Denon developed the Advanced S.V.H. Mechanism to achieve the improved vibration resistance and quieter operation. The quiet disc loading mechanism ensures the stability demanded by this top–of–the–line model. Furthermore, by positioning the disc mechanism at a low location, it has become possible to achieve a low center of gravity for the disc mechanism and a construction highly resistant to internal vibration caused by disc rotation and external vibrated.

      7–block Structure
      The 7 blocks made up of the power unit for analog circuits, the power unit for the digital circuits, the server section, the digital signal processing section, the video section, the 2–channel audio section, and the multi–channel audio section have been separated to prevent mutual interference from electrical and magnetic factors. This superb separate structure ensures high picture and sound quality.

      Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit–HD
      The D.D.S.C. is a Denon proprietary circuit configuration that features a discrete arrangement of signal processing circuits for each block, required for audio playback, to realize Denon's ideal for audio components of faithfully reproducing the content producer's original intentions. The best possible high–grade dedicated circuitry has been used for each block to ensure optimum performance. With the advent of Blu–ray, the volume of information is dramatically greater than that of DVD, delivering improvements in quality for both video images and sound. The DDSC–HD is configured of a high–bit audio decoder section , a bus management section, the Advanced AL32 Procession Multi–Channel section, and an analog audio section with 192–kHz, 32–bit D/A converter to reproduce high–quality sound and bring out the superior quality of Blu–ray sound to the maximum extent.

      Advanced AL32 Processing Multi–Channel
      AL Processing evolved to further with the advent of various new digital disc media such as DVD and Super Audio CD. This evolution progressed from AL24 Processing and AL24 PLUS Processing to Advanced AL24 Processing that achieved sampling frequency expansion, where data is interpolated along the time axis in addition to bit expansion. Now with the appearance of Blu–ray, Denon has developed Advanced AL32 Processing that further expands the number of bits from 204 to 32 to maximize the exceptional audio performance of Blu–ray. With distortion–free sonic details, accurate sound localization, and rich low range, Advanced AL32 Procession is able to reproduce the original sound with greater fidelity.

      Multi–channel Compressed Audio Restorer
      To reduce data volume, audio compression formats remove signals that are hard for the human ear to hear. Compressed Audio Restorer regenerates the signals that were removed during compression and restores the sound close to its condition prior to compression. This function also corrects the sense of mass in the low range to produce a richer sound during playback. Compressed Audio Restorer now supports multi–channel playback for the first time, delivering an eminently satisfying sound from such audio compression formats as Dolby digital, DTS, MP3, and WMA.


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