Denon DA–300USB | DAC w/ Headphone Amp

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    As more and more music lovers consider their personal computer or laptop as their principal audio source, they find that the sound quality they're getting simply isn't on par with what a premium component music system can deliver. Denon's DA–300USB combination D/A converter and headphone amplifier elevates computer–sourced digital audio tracks to purist audiophile levels, delivering superb sound quality without compromise.

Details from Denon

    Equipped with a range of advanced digital technologies, the DA–300USB connects via asynchronous USB to the computer and features the ability to decode both PCM (traditional digital audio format) and DSD (Direct Stream Digital – the advanced digital audio format of SACD). For connection to other digital audio sources, the DA–300USB also features three digital audio inputs – two optical and one coaxial.

    Featuring audiophile grade construction with highest quality component parts and circuit design, the DA–300USB delivers a level of sound quality on par with Denon's highly praised universal disc players.

    Key Technologies
    At the heart of the DA–300USB is the high resolution PCM1795 D/A converter, which features advanced segment 32 bit architecture along with the ability to handle up to 192kHz PCM sample rates as well as the ability to decode both 2.5Mhz and 5.6Mhz high resolution DSD files (either natively decoded or via DoP – DSD over PCM).

    Via the USB–B port, the DA–300USB communicates with the PC or Mac via asynchronous data transfer mode, which ensures smooth, jitter–free digital communication, which is especially vital with very high bandwidth digital audio datastreams. For optimum compatibility with the broadest range of sampling frequencies, the DA–300USB is equipped with two master clock crystals, instead of the usual one.

    For the widest dynamic range and lowest distortion, the DA–300USB features sophisticated digital signal processing, including Denon's exclusive Advanced AL32 processor that delivers vastly improved detail especially through the critical midrange band, providing noticeable improvements in clarity with low level softer sounds.

    Audiophile Grade Design
    Housed in a sleek casing, the DA–300USB features no less than 7 separate printed circuit boards, to ensure the highest isolation between circuit blocks. Powered by a 15V/1A AC adapter, the DA–300USB features sophisticated DC power conversion technology with a power block that delivers separate DC voltage sources to power the various stages.

    To ensure the most stable and accurate digital audio and timing data at the critical D/A converter stage, the DA–300USB also features advanced isolator chips that combine high speed CMOS technology with unique on–chip micro air–core transformers. A total of 9 isolator chips are employed, with 18 channels of isolation, delivering superior common mode noise rejection and maximum protection against digital noise transfer between critical stages, compared to conventional optoisolators.

    High Performance Sound
    For the purest audiophile grade sound quality, the DA–300USB is equipped with separate audio output circuits for the line level outputs and the headphone output. The headphone amplifier block features dedicated buffer and gain stages, and is compatible with the widest range of headphone types, including low impedance models.

    Wide Range of Connection Options
    The asynchronous USB–B port connects to your computer's USB–A port. Once connected, the computer recognizes the DA–300USB and routes the digital audio data to it, bypassing the source device's internal audio circuitry.

    For connection to other sources, the DA–300USB features 3 digital audio inputs – two optical and one coaxial – so you can enjoy greatly improved sound quality from your HDTV, satellite or cable box, game console or disc player.

    The line level output connectors are high quality, with full 2Vrms output for compatibility with integrated amplifiers, pre–amplifiers and other analog audio components. The front panel headphone jack features a standard–sized 6.3mm/¼" connector, along with a convenient volume control.

    Advanced OLED Display with Touch Control
    The elegant front panel features an advanced OLED display that provides clear indication of the input selected, along with the audio file type (PCM, DSD), the sampling frequency and the headphone volume level. The Touch Control lets you easily cycle through the various modes.

    Vertical & Horizontal Mounting Capability
    You can choose to mount the DA–300USB either vertically or horizontally, depending upon your equipment configuration. An internal sensor detects the chosen orientation, and rotates the OLED display data accordingly. A custom bottom plate is provided for vertical orientation.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year Limited Warranty
Detailed Specifications
  • Advanced AL 32 Processing: Yes
  • DAC: 32bit/192kHz
  • Digital Inpu: 1x Coaxial/2x Optical
  • USB Input: USB–B
  • PCM resolution(opt./coax/USB–B): 24bit/192kHz
  • Asynchronous Mode: Yes
  • Bit–transparent Mode: Yes
  • Analog Output: 1L/R(RCA)
  • Headphone output: Yes 6.3mm

  • Specifications
  • PCM 24/192 input signal:
  • Frequency response: 2Hz – 100kHz(2Hz–50kHz–3dB)
  • Dynamic range: 105dB
  • Signal–to–noise ratio: 112dB
  • Total Harmonic distortion: 0.00%
  • Output Voltage(Line Out): 2.0V

  • General
  • Power Supply: AC120V, 60Hz
  • Power Consuption: 15W
  • Dimensions horizontal(WxHxD): 65.7 x 2.3 7.2 inches(incl. Knob, Terminal)
  • Dimensions vertical(WxHxD): 4.5 x 6.9 x 7.2 inches (w/stand)
  • Weight: 3.3lbs.
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Included Coverage from Denon: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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