Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR | Virtual Surround Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub

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Definitive Technology

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    High Performancea??Simplified
    Cutting edge industrial design, operational simplicity and outstanding sound unite in Definitivea??s SoloCinema XTR. This ultra-slim amplified sound bar, powerful wireless subwoofer, and ergonomic remote offer an immersive 5.1 channel sound experience with contemporary aesthetic beautya??minus the clutter of component systems.

    For the music and movie lover who wants all the performance of a full size home theater audio system but is unwilling to deal with the size and complexity of a component system, Definitive offers the SoloCinema XTRa??a fully powered surround bar system with a slim, easy-to-place wireless powered subwoofer. Enjoying a superb sounding audiophile-grade surround experience has never been more convenient. Simply connect the Solo Cinema XTR to a TV to enjoy enveloping, high-impact surround sound without the need for a complicated surround receiver or the bother of running wires to rear speakers or subwoofer. No matter what TV and source components you own, SoloCinema XTR will deliver a spine-tingling surround performance that rivals component audio systems.

Details from Definitive Technology

    High-Definition Audio for Your High-Definition TV
    SoloCinema supports the latest lossless surround formats including Dolby® TrueHD® and DTS-HD™. Most Blu-Ray discs feature uncompressed high-definition audio tracks. Lossless means that youa??ll hear exactly the same high quality sound as the original studio master recordings. You will enjoy music and movies with full dynamic impact and the highest definition, clarity and detaila??exactly as the creators intended. SoloCinema XTR delivers high-definition audio to match your TVa??s high-definition picture.

    SoloCinema also features remarkable Dolby Volume technology which levels the volume across video programs. Set volume to the level you are comfortable with and Dolby Volume does the rest. Sound levels stay constant, even when TV advertisers try to blast you out of your chair.

    Simply Surrounded
    SoloCinema XTR is a true, high-definition five-channel surround system. Dedicated speakers for all 5 channels surround you with lifelike three dimensional sound, without rear speakers. Definitivea??s patented Spatial Array technology combined with SRS® TruSurround™ algorithms will amaze you with an enveloping theater experience. No Placement Limits
    At only 23/8" deep, the SoloCinema XTR is the perfect complement to todaya??s ultra-slim TVs. It can be either wall or shelf mounted with the supplied brackets and hardware. One type of shelf hardware allows you to raise the SoloCinema bar over the TVa??s protruding stand. The other set tilts the speaker upwards when placed on a shelf below the TV. No matter where you want to put it, SoloCinema fits.

    SoloCinemaa??s subwoofer connects to the bar wirelessly. Select the location that best fits your lifestyle and dA?cor, plug it into a wall AC outlet and youa??re ready to rock. The slim subwoofer is easy to tuck out of sight behind or under furniture (you can place on its back pointing up) but its clean modern styling make it an object da??art when in sight.

    No-Compromise Performance
    Definitive Technology is Americaa??s leading high-end component loudspeaker brand. When it came to designing a sound bar system we werena??t about to dishonor our heritage of precision sound. The SoloCinema XTRa??s acoustic and electronics systems are of the finest quality and based on our decades of experience designing cutting-edge high performance audio products.

    Patent-Pending Drivers
    The SoloCinema XTR bar houses six patent-pending XTDD Aluminum dome midrange drivers initially developed for our award-wining XTR component loudspeakers. Using state-of-the-art computer modeling Definitive engineers optimized every part and maximized the moving surface area to shrink it down to an impossibly compact dimension without giving up ultra-high-performance audio fidelity. The XTDD driver has the kind of lifelike sound quality one would expect from full-depth speakers.

    Aluminum Tweeters
    Many sound bars have one or no tweeters at all. SoloCinema has three of our exclusive Aluminum dome tweetersa??the same high-definition design found in our heralded floor-standing speakers. With SoloCinema youa??ll hear every whisper, every soft cymbal brush, and every string overtonea??accurately, clearly, naturally.

    Aluminum Enclosure
    Another secret to the SoloCinema XTRa??s astonishing thin profile and superior performance is its aluminum enclosure. By specially shaping the enclosure and incorporating stiffing ribs and channels, wea??ve made the space-efficient aluminum extrusion ultra-rigid and resonance-free for superior sound.

    Digital Electronics
    Each driver and tweeter in the bar is powered by its own digital amplifier; in total 200 Watts powers the bar to lifelike volume levels to fill even large rooms with high-impact, low-distortion sound. There are no passive filters or crossoversa??all signal processing is performed digitally for the utmost precision, clarity and accuracy.

    High Impact Subwoofer
    Despite its small size, SoloCinemaa??s wireless powered subwoofer packs a wallop. Its eight-inch high excursion woofer is powered by a massive 250 Watt digital amplifier to provide you with all the floor-shaking deep impact bass you expect from your favorite music and action/adventure film

    Connectivity Ease
    SoloCinema XTR has a full array of inputs including HDMI, digital optical, and analog allowing you to connect your Blu-Ray player, cable/satellite tuner, gaming console as well as a legacy source such as a VCR. HDMI inputs means connecting your HDMI-equipped sources and TV is easya??each HDMI cable carries both audio and video signals for convenient hookup and neat wirre management.

    Fingertip Control
    SoloCinema puts you in control, simply and comfortably with its ingenious remote. As you slide your finger over the remote youa??ll notice that all the controls are shaped with concave and convex forms. This is one remote youa??ll be able to navigate in the dark. Easy.

    It fits perfectly in your hand, your thumb naturally falling on the most often used control a?? Volume. Nearby is the Bass controla??now you can optimize bass loudness to match the program material, your taste or your mood, all in real time without having to move out of your chair. The Center control adjusts the volume of the channel that handles almost all of the dialogue duties. Adjust dialogue loudness on the fly to correct for differences in dialogue intelligibility from program to program. The logically placed Music and Movie buttons optimize the systema??s sound characteristics such as bass level and surround effect intensity to best match what youa??re listening to.

    Most complicated component audio systems cana??t give you that kind of convenient control.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor
Detailed Specifications
    SoloCinema XTR
  • Driver Complement :(6) 3-1/2" XTDD Aluminum dome bass/ midrange drivers, (3) 1" Aluminum dome tweeters
  • Dimensions :43"W x 5-3/16"H x 2-3/8"D (23/4" on-wall installed depth) 109cmW x 13.2cmH x 5.9cmD (7.1cm on-wall installed depth)
  • Power Output :200 Watts
  • Inputs/Outputs :(3) HDMI in, (1) HDMI out, (1) Digital Optical in, (1) set analog dual RCA inputs, (1) USB (for firmware updates only). Source connecting cables not included.

  • Subwoofer
  • Driver Complement :(1) 8" long throw woofer in sealed enclosure
  • Dimensions :19-3/4"W x 13-5/16"H x 6-1/2"D 50.2cmW x 33.8cmH x 16.5cmD
  • Power Output :250 Watts
  • Inputs/Outputs :Built-in wireless connection.
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Included Coverage from Definitive Technology: 5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor

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