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Definitive Technology C/L/R 2002 | Center Channel Speaker (Certified Refurbished)

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Definitive Technology

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    We have the best deals in town on electronics, so save your clams, because every Certified Refurbished item we offer is factory tested for defects in performance, and verified to properly function under normal conditions. Definitive Technology Refurbished electronics are a great way to find "good as new" home theater equipment, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, TVs, etc. that cost much less and last just as long as their brand–new counterparts – like this C/L/R 2002 Center Speaker. Available in gloss black, you’ll love the way it looks, and the way your bank account looks. So, save your hard–earned simoleons and purchase Certified Refurbished electronics.

Details from Definitive Technology

    Definitive has always led the industry with the best–sounding shielded center channels available. Optimum surround sound home theater reproduction places heavy demands on the center channel speaker, which in many respects is the main speaker in the system and often handles 50% or more of the program material. It is no place to compromise and settle for second best. Because of this, Definitive pioneered the concept of full frequency range high–definition center–channel speakers. Definitive's center channels and C/L/Rs are consistently rated as the best available, and have won numerous Audio Video Grand Prix Center Channel of the Year Awards each and every year.

    Our current offerings are the best ever, all featuring wide frequency response and extended dynamic range with extraordinary detail and articulation. (The C/L/Rs are also superb as matching center, left and right channel speakers and can be positioned horizontally or vertically.) All feature non–resonant monocoque cabinets with Linkwitz–Riley crossover networks, pure aluminum dome tweeters and die–cast–basket bass/midrange drivers in D'Appolito arrays.

    Definitive builds eight magnetically shielded center channel and C/L/R (Center/Left/Right) speakers (C/L/R 3000, C/L/R 2500, C/L/R 2300, C/L/R 2002, ProCenter 2000, and ProCenter 1000). All Definitive center channels and C/L/Rs are designed with the same rigid standards and high performance goals as our main left and right front speakers. They include state–of–the–art features like high–definition polymer coned cast–basket bass/midrange drivers with butyl rubber surrounds, wide dispersion pure aluminum dome tweeters with magnetic fluid cooling, complex Linkwitz–Riley crossover networks, solid non–resonant monocoque cabinets with diffractionless grill/baffle interfaces and effective magnetic shielding incorporating both metal shield and dual field canceling magnets. All center channels and C/L/Rs have been voiced (timbre–matched) with the same sonic signature as all of Definitive's front main speakers. They will also, because of their true full–range quality and linear response, often provide better performance and do a better job matching other companies' main speakers than their own. of course, as you move up in the Definitive line, the overall performance improves, especially in the areas of dynamic range, extended linear response, fullness and clarity. All are Dolby Digital AC–3* ready.

    Revolutionary Power C/L/Rs with Built–in Powered Subwoofers Make a Dramatic Audible Difference

    The revolutionary new C/L/R 3000, C/L/R 2500 and C/L/R 2300 feature powerful built–in powered subwoofers driven by our Infinite Power Source Technology amplifiers. Their upward–firing long–throw woofers only require 1 of clearance, so they work perfectly whether you open–mount your center channel or put it in a cabinet. Remember: The purpose of putting a subwoofer in the center channel, beyond putting more bass energy into the room, is really to add full range bass and sub–bass capability to the center channel itself. The difference this makes is absolutely audible and very dramatic. This gives you a truly full dynamic range capable/full frequency range capable center channel, which allows you to set the center channel setting on your Dolby Digital decoder to large and fully realize the performance potential of the full range center channel program material as it was intended to be reproduced by the director.

    Using Three Matched C/L/Rs Across the Front

    Because of their superb full–range response and quality of reproduction, the C/L/Rs may be used as matching left main, center, and right speakers when installation requirements dictate this type of system. They may be placed either horizontally or vertically. In fact, the C/L/Rs were designed with this very much in mind and offer truly incredible dynamic range, high–definition clarity, extended linear response, three–dimensional pinpoint imaging and overall performance which is truly state–of–the–art for music and home theater reproduction. Our C/L/R based home theater systems have won many honors including Sound & Vision's prestigious Critic's Choice Award. And a C/L/R based system using our Powered C/L/Rs with built–in subwoofers (C/L/R 3000, C/L/R 2500, C/L/R 2300) either with or without a separate outboard subwoofer is absolutely stupendous and offers the absolute state–of–the–art performance for shelf, in cabinet, and custom built–in systems.


Features & Specs

Best Seller
Manufacturer's Warranty
    2 Year Limited
Detailed Specifications
  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 30 kHz.
  • Nominal Imp.: 4 – 8 ohms.
  • Rec. amp: 20 – 250 watts.
  • Efficiency: 91 dB

  • Drivers
  • Midrange: Two cast–basket 5–1/4 inch bass/midranges
  • Tweeter: One 1 inch pure aluminum dome tweeter.

  • General
  • Finish: Piano–Gloss Black. Bi–wireable.
  • Dimensions: 21 W x 12 D x 6–3/4 H inches
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Included Coverage from Definitive Technology: 2 Year Limited

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