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Definitive Technology

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    A Legend Reborn

    The BP series launched Definitive Technology into becoming the best–selling and most honored brand of audiophile–grade speakers in the US. Now we’ve improved every part in our award–winning line of Bipolar SuperTowers® and matching centers and surrounds. Second generation patented BDSS drivers, built–in powered subwoofers, Digital Signal Processing Class D amplifiers, and stunning new styling have all come together, setting a new standard in performance and value.

    The new BP family includes four SuperTowers® with built–in powered subwoofers for the ultimate in space–saving convenience and heart–pounding performance. There are three perfectly matched centers, two with built–in powered woofers, as well as two bipolar surround speakers to choose from to create a multi–channel system that perfectly meets your needs. Definitive’s bipolar speaker technology produces a huge three–dimensional stereo soundstage for every listener in the room to bring your music and movies to life!

Details from Definitive Technology

    Bipolar Technology Brings Performances to Life in Your Home

    Many experts and in–the–know listeners agree that bipolar speakers are superior for both music and home theater. With bipolar speaker technology each speaker incorporates two sets of drivers, one facing forward and the other facing to the rear so that the speakers radiate sound both forward and rearward exactly as sound is produced in real life. Forward Focused Bipolar Array™ technology is Definitive’s patent–pending improvement to our original Bipolar designs. This new ground–breaking technology combines the huge life–like imaging benefits of bipolar design with improved pinpoint localization of soloists, greater placement flexibility, and superior intelligibility.

    The sonic benefits you hear are dramatic! This unique technology provides you with a lifelike balance of early–arrival sound from the front facing drivers, which provides focus, clarity and location data, and reflected delayed sound from the rear drivers which conveys the lush three–dimensional soundstage of a live music or cinematic performance. This combination creates a huge soundfield which is rich, warm, ultra clear and vibrantly alive for every listener in your room. Most importantly, Definitive's bipolar speakers make the walls of your room seem to disappear transporting you into the sound space of the recoded event. They will literally bring your music and movies to life in your home. One listen and you can never go back to conventional speakers again!

    The BP–8020's built–in subs will rock your world

    driven by a 150–Watt Class D amplifier and vented via a critically tuned, wide cross sectional area slot bass vent. The slot shape and wide mouth area of the vent minimize air turbulence for cleaner, deeper, and more efficient bass. The brawny amplifier features protection systems to tightly monitor and control the woofer system to prevent bad noises and woofer damage at high volume levels. The bottom line is the BP–8020ST’s bass will rock your world like no other speaker anywhere near its price and size.

    Why Built–In Powered Subwoofers Are Better Than Separate Subs

    Besides eliminating the need for a floor space–hogging separate subwoofer, integrated subs offer dramatic performance benefits. First is the obvious benefit that you’ll have two subwoofers in the room instead of just one for simply more bass output. Second, two subwoofers in the room reduce "standing wave" room resonances that create bass dead zones in the room. With two ST–8020STs you’ll enjoy high impact bass throughout the room.

    Most importantly the subwoofers are perfectly integrated with the mid/high section. Audiophiles often spend hours moving and adjusting their subwoofers’ crossover and phase controls in pursuit of perfect subwoofer to main speaker "blending." With the BP–8020ST you won’t have to go through that kind of hassle to get great sound. Definitive’s engineers have perfectly adjusted the crossover and phase to achieve seamless blending and life–like sound. All you have to do is set the bass volume to match your room and taste then sit back and enjoy great sound.

    The BP–8020's driver array

    midrange drivers surrounding a 1" annealed Pure Aluminum dome tweeter housed in an acoustically isolated sealed enclosure. The tweeter is a pure aluminum dome, which has been heat–treated to relax the crystal structure and then coated with a ceramic to produce extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess.

    The rear array uses a single identical driver as used in the front array. Like the front array the rear array is housed in a separate sealed MDF enclosure to isolate the midrange drivers from the woofers’ influence.

    Slim Elegant Styling with Rambo–Like Brawn
    All the driver and electronics technology in the world would be wasted if housed in a resonance–prone box. We devoted as much Design and Engineering attention to the styling and construction of the 8020’s enclosure as any other part of its design.

    The BP–8020's enclosure is solidly built

    The tapered front of the enclosure serves to make it appear slimmer while also enhancing sound quality by minimizing cabinet diffraction distortion. The decorative high gloss end cap and bottom panel add elegance to the matte black tower the way satin piping adds dash to a tuxedo. Each BP–8020ST occupies a mere 1 square foot of floor–space (including stabilizer feet) leaving plenty of room for furnishings.

    But the enclosure’s most important job is to be totally inertt and resonance free so as not to color the sound. And that’s just we did in engineering the BP enclosures. Wherever a driver is attached to the cabinet we placed a second layer of heavy MDF (a low resonance wood composite material) to prevent the drivers from imparting vibration to the rest of the enclosure. The sealed midrange enclosures also serve to provide bracing for the side walls while MDF cross braces near the woofer further stiffen the system. Tap on the side panels of a BP enclosure to hear the solid "thud" of a solid, well–damped cabinet instead of the hollow ring of a poorly constructed speaker. NOTE: the high gloss polymer composite end–cap is a decorative element; it is not part of the acoustical system.

    The Proof is in the Listening

    This extraordinary speaker sets a new reference standard for high–accuracy loudspeakers in its class and achieves equally superb performance with both music and movies. The BP–8020ST reproduces a silky smooth, incredibly detailed sonic image at lifelike volume levels with a sense of ease which is truly remarkable.

    Movies and music are reproduced with unequaled purity, transparency and lifelike realism. These elegant, slender towers seem to disappear in a huge natural soundstage which extends in a three–dimensional arc beyond the speakers with front to back depth which recreates the illusion of live music or cinematic action being performed live in your room. This combination of high resolution, magnificent sound–staging awesome bass and explosive impact envelops you in the ultimate listening experience.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor
Detailed Specifications
  • Dimensions (cabinet only, no stablizer feet) : 35–7/8" H x 5–5/8" W x 11–5/8 D | 91cm H x 14.2cm W x 29.4cm D
  • Dimensions (with stabilizer feet) : 35–7/8" H x 10–3/4" W x 11–5/8" D | 91cm H x 27.2cm W x 29.4cm D
  • Driver complement : 3 each 3–1/2" (9cm) midrange drivers, 1 each 1" (25mm) aluminum dome tweeter, 1 each 8" (20cm) active subwoofer driver
  • Frequency response : 30Hz – 30kHz
  • Sensitivity : 92dB
  • Nominal Impedance : 8 Ohms
  • Recommended amplifier power : 20 – 250 WPC
  • Internal amplifier power : 150 watts
  • Auto On / Off : Signal sensing
  • Power Requirements : 110 volts A/C (product not available outside of USA, Canada and Latin America)
  • Inputs : One pair of 5 way binding posts; One LFE input (optional)
  • Accessories : Stabilizer feet; carpet spikes, hard floor glides
  • Weight : 34 lbs. | 15.5kG
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Included Coverage from Definitive Technology: 5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor

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