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Product Highlights


    Students, travelers and commuters alike can all benefit from the superior noise cancelation technology found in the NC Noise–Cancelling Headphone from Cleer. Noisy environments like the school quad or the endless hum of an airline cabin are a thing of the past. The NC Headphone features built–in hybrid technology with an active noise cancelling processor and a complete around–the–ear (circumaural) design for passive noise isolation that, together, provide a total solution that blocks out approximately 99.5% of ambient noise. What does this mean for you? It means you'll enjoy listening to your personal music library, internet radio and podcasts without interference from the world around you, creating an optimal listening experience. Here's a little technical jargon – The NC's noise cancellation technology features four microphones that capture unwanted noise and produce an inverted phase of identical sound which cancels them both out, for pure, reliable sound in just about any environment. PASC™ (Psycho–Acoustic Spectral Compensation) technology boosts bass content which tend to get lost at low volume levels, so you hear the same, consistent detail quality at any volume. As an added bonus the NC comes with a detachable audio cable with a remote and mic for hands–free calls, 22 hours of FLAC and ALAC file playback on a single charge, and 3 hours for a full recharge of the lithium ion polymer battery. For convenience the Cleer NC headphone also features a high–quality aluminum housing with a fold–flat design for easy stowing when you're on the go.

Details from Cleer

    Hybrid Noise–cancelling Solution

    Shrouded in silence, you are enveloped in the latest album from your favorite artist for your own private concert free from the distraction of your daily commute. This level of separation between the background noise and your music is essential to a great audio experience. However, when on the move background noise leads to a poor music reproduction, in particular in the bass range.

    Having reasonable isolation of the environmental noise is essential to achieving the best user experience, both when listening to music and making a telephone call. In these circumstances, active noise control is designed to circumvent this issue by actively attenuating the external noise at a low frequency.

    PASC™ (Psycho–Acoustic Spectral Compensation)

    Human ears hear less bass frequency at low sound levels than at high sound levels. Bottom–end bass frequencies usually get lost or "falls–out" when the volume level is reduced.

    To prevent this "fall–out", PASC™ (Psycho–Acoustic Spectral Compensation) sound technology inside the digital signal processor can boost the bass levels by emphasizing low frequencies within the music. So Cleer headphones recall accurate bass sounds at both low and high volume levels enabling you to enjoy persistent stable sound, regardless of the volume setting.

    Man wearing Cleer NC headphones on commute
    Man wearing Cleer NC headphones on commute

    High Definition Audio

    With new instant on demand methods of listening to our favorite music, more often we utilize digital music in the form of downloads and streaming over the internet. Instead of downloading digitally compressed MP3 music files, the new generation of audiophiles store their music in studio recording quality formats, such as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec).</p><p>These high definition audio can reproduce true–to–original performances so that every detail can be heard, as if the artist were there performing live! With internet bandwidth increasing exponentially , digital audio is becoming the mainstream trend. Cleer's high quality audio products empower everyone to unlock the potential of their favorite HD music files for an audio experience far superior to disc based media. Couple this with the ability to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet and the future of music looks brilliant. This High Definition Audio trend cannot be missed!

    Soft Leather Ear Pad and Headband

    The super soft leather and an adjustable headband are unique and eco–friendly. Both are constructed of an artificial protein offering the same look, feel and softness as real leather.

    High Quality Aluminium Housing & Fold–flat Design

    Cleer NC headphones High Quality Aluminium Housing

    Sleek and contemporary design styling, coupled with aluminium materials, not only give these Cleer headphones a premium look and feel but are also durable and lightweight. The folding mechanism is designed for easy portabity and storage in the supplied hard–carrying case.

    Full Circumaural Design

    Cleer NC headphones Full Circumaural Design

    The full size ear cups provide superior passive noise isolation and the ergonomic design means these headphones not only fit your head but feel comfortable even after long hours of wearing, making these a great choice for music enthusiasts.

    Light–up Logo on Ear Cup

    Cleer NC headphones LED Ear Cup

    An LED is located behind the "C" logo on both sides of the ear cup, that lights up wearing the headphones. A very cool look!


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year Limited Warranty
Detailed Specifications
  • Frequency Response:20 Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity:110dB
  • Impedance:16Ohm
  • Speaker Diver:40mm
  • Magnet Type:Neodymium
  • Distortion:<1%THD IEC3181mW at1KHz
  • Audio Connection:3.5mm stereo jack socket
  • Music Playback Time:22 hours
  • Battery Charging Time:3 hours
  • Battery Type:Lithium ion polymer

  • Product Dimension (W × H × D):16.5 × 21 × 8.2 cm
  • Product Weight:0.395kg
  • Packaging Dimension (W × H × D):21.8 × 25 × 8 cm
  • Gross Weight:1.15kg

  • NC Noise–Canceling Headphones
  • Hard carrying case
  • USB charging cable
  • Flight adaptor
  • Two audio cables with inline remote (1.2m)
  • USB charger
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Included Coverage from Cleer: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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