Huppin’s is the perfect place to create holiday joy in your friends and family’s lives. With electronic options that fit every need and want, Huppin’s has the answer to every gift-giving dilemma you may come across. For every group of people you need to shop for, Huppin’s has a category for you to peruse. So we took the time to pick the brains of some of our coworkers and staff here at Huppin’s to find out what they recommend or are shopping for this year. From gear we ourselves own, to products we recommend, to gifts we are buying for our own loved ones, these items are just what you need for every person or holiday party you are shopping for!

For Kids

Paige, from our online sales division, is looking forward to getting her sons an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Echo Dot. With these smart home devices, children can ask Alexa any number of questions, from the definition of that tough new word in the book they’re reading, to request music they want to listen to, and learn about what the weather will be like today! Pro Huppin’s Tip: If you are worried about your kids making purchases without your knowledge, you can set a passcode in order to buy things, so you can prevent your kids trying to buy every single Minecraft toy they want.

Amazon Echo

And if you want to take it a step further, you can even look at home speakers that include Smart Voice-Controlled access. Our Marketing Manager, Myk, added an Alexa-enabled Sonos One to his home, and he notices how much his young daughter enjoys controlling her music, asking Alexa math questions, or playing games from Amazon Kid’s Skills options. In addition to delivering Alexa, this Sonos One speaker could tie into your whole multi-room Sonos audio system, and could bring precise music to each and every room, if you choose. So as well as giving readily available engaging choices for his daughter, Myk can enjoy some top quality music options in his home as well, and could easily grow his Sonos system in the future.

Sonos One in Black

For Teens and Millennials:

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker and iOttie car charger
Jaybird Freedom

With a daughter in high school and one in college, LeighAnn, our order processing maven is shopping for Bluetooth devices for their stockings this year. Charging devices for plugging into your vehicle- to ensure your phone or Bluetooth speaker is always ready for a road trip- are invaluable for commuters and college students alike. The Huppin’s kit with a Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker and iOttie car charger are the perfect pairing to give your teen or college student something cool this season. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are perfect to help make everything from working out to studying even easier, so teens of all ages will appreciate them. The Jaybird Freedom in-ear headphones, for instance, are a lightweight pair of earbuds connected with a simple cable that tucks behind your neck which offer a super comfortable fit. Up to 4 hours of playing time allows any student to enjoy their music, podcasts, or audiobooks while walking across campus. So if you want to ensure that you get a handwritten Thank You card after the holidays, we recommend the Jaybird Freedom in-ear headphones for the teen in your life.*

*Huppin’s does not actually guarantee you will receive a handwritten Thank You note, just stating that these headphones are a great choice and teens might be grateful for your thoughtfulness. You might get a hug, or an excited emoji-filled thank you text message, and hey, isn’t that enough for all of us around the holidays?

The millennials in your life will be thrilled when they unwrap the OnVocal OV Alexa-enabled wireless headphones. Matt in Purchasing thinks these headphones are the perfect choice, able to deliver top quality music wirelessly, and they include the Amazon Alexa assistant giving you the freedom to access all kinds of information simply by asking. With this kind of voice-control built right in, you can take Alexa anywhere you want whether you are on a run, tackling your daily commute, or enjoying music at work. This melding of audio performance and the newest technological advances is the perfect pairing for any young adults on your gift-buying list.

OnVocal OV Alexa-enabled Headphones

For The Audiophile In Your Life:

A staff member of Huppin’s for going on 20 years, Patrick has extensive experience in speakers and home theater systems. He recommends the Elac UB5 Speakers, which offer a great soundstage, are at a good price, and have impressive build quality. In your home, they will bring any system to life, offering exceptional audio quality while staying a sleek pair of speakers that complement any home. With these speakers you can trust that the recipient won’t miss one detail of their next movie soundtrack, and it will help revitalize their favorite album to let them hear things they’ve never heard before. Or, you can feel free put this on your list and hope that someone appreciates you enough to bring new life to your theater experience. We promise we won’t tell anyone you found them while looking for gifts to give.

ELAC Uni-Fi U5 Slim Bookshelf Speakers

If, instead of a full home theater or stereo option, you would prefer to wrap a more compact piece, adding music to the recipient's home fully without having a complete system setup, The Three Speaker from Klipsch offers clear output and looks stunning. Patrick, after years of working with Huppin’s gear, thinks this Bluetooth speaker is just modern enough with a touch of classic design to make the most difficult to shop for audio lover happy. It includes multiple input options, and delivers a truly stylish design that adds class to any room. Available in Walnut or Ebony, either choice will add a brilliant piece to any decor.

Klipsch's Walnut The Three Speaker
Klipsch's Ebony The Three Speaker

For That White Elephant Workplace Gift Exchange:

J.A. Henckels International Silvercap 5-piece Cutlery Set

White Elephant exchange will never be the same! Now you can get items that your coworkers will love, just in time for the holidays and ready for that dreaded cost-limited White Elephant Gift Exchange. Everyone needs quality knives for their kitchen, and the Henckels name is known for being top quality. So surprise your coworkers with the J.A. Henckels International Silvercap 5-piece Cutlery Set, which brings the sharp knives your friends need. Instead of just bringing a bottle of wine, or the basket full of miscellaneous cheeses from the store that you picked up on the way to the party, get a gift they will really appreciate, maybe even fight over. Just be sure to bring the receipt- they might not believe you when you claim you got these top of the line pieces within the set price limit!

Engaged Couples or Newlyweds:

All of us probably have a wedding invitation hanging on our fridge, so plan ahead and instead of getting the sweet couple yet another pizza stone, spring for something quality that they will truly enjoy. For some, coffee is a helpful substance keeping you calm in the mornings, perfect theme for a gift to a newlywed couple. Having the ability to make a decent espresso at home for your significant other is definitely #relationshipgoals. With the Breville Nespresso Vertuo Chrome Espresso Machine, you have access to all kinds of options you don’t normally get when you simply grab a $5.00 latte at the closest barista stand on your way to work.

Breville Nespresso Vertuo Chrome Espresso Machine
Cuisinart 3-Piece Skillet Set

As someone who bought a house this year, Ashley in Marketing would love to add a Cuisinart 3-Piece Skillet Set to her shopping list. She knows it’s the perfect choice for someone moving into a new apartment or home, so for the newlyweds or engaged couple in your life, this is a great gift for under the tree. These hard-anodized skillets are perfect for any recipe, and the various sizes give extra versatility, so these are a spot-on choice for any recipient on your list. Non-stick and dishwasher safe, anyone would love to have these unique skillets in their kitchen repertoire for their next big family meal.

Tech-Averse Friends and Family:

Klipsch R10B Soundbar
Sony ZSRS60BT Portable Boom Box
Bose QuietComfort 25 for Apple
Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless in Silver

Everyone deserves to have an extraordinary audio experience, and having an easy solution to adding great acoustics for any television in the house. Lee in Marketing recommends the easy to install R10B Klipsch sound bar, offering precision sound quality for your television experience. This sound bar is the perfect addition to anyone’s home, and with all the setup accessories included, and easy to follow instructions, even your family member who grumbles about technology will appreciate the simple way this sound bar helps to deliver exceptional dialogue and allows them to hear their favorite holiday movie better than ever before. Able to tune to your television’s remote, you can even enjoy the sound bar without adding another remote to your coffee table, making every cantankerous aunt or technologically inept cousin happy without dragging them too far into the 21st century.

Chris, our Retail Store Manager knows that the perfect gift for any family member is the Sony ZSRS60BT Portable Boom Box, a complete all-in-one stereo option. For those who want to kick it old school, it can deliver top-notch AM/FM radio complete with 30 different presets if they want to catch that local sports team or talk radio show they enjoy. It also plays both CDs and CD-R/RWs, so if you have someone looking to dig through their collection of personalized mix discs, this boom box will play those throwback collections with ease. And then if they want to transition to newer technology, it also offers Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) streaming from your smartphone or tablet too! So with a wide variety of options, this perfectly priced piece performs with impressive bass and offers 26 hours of battery life, so anyone on your list will be thrilled to have this old school throwback boom box that could also help introduce newer tech to someone unfamiliar to it!

Everyone, even those who aren’t used to the newer technology options, would enjoy a pair of headphones that offer exceptional noise canceling and a name they probably recognize. The Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-canceling over-ear headphones are a great choice that anyone would enjoy. Dale, an assistant manager from our Retail store owns a pair, and whether he is mowing his lawn in summer, or using his snow thrower to clear his driveway in the wintertime, he appreciates the headphones that can help block out unwanted noise and instead allow him to revel in whatever music he chooses. So the wired version is great for that family member who isn’t clamoring for the newest thing, but if you want to upgrade to the wireless option, the Bose QuietComfort 35s offer all the same noise-canceling technology without wires to hold you back.

Photographers of Any Strength and Ability:

Photographers always need all kinds of gear, whether they are an aspiring amateur or a long-standing professional. From stocking stuffers to larger gifts, rely on Huppin’s to always have what they need at a great price. Pro Huppin’s tip: To be prepared for the worst-case scenario, know that if the camera gift you purchase isn’t exactly what your recipient needs, our return policy is top-notch and extends into January, so they can always get back in touch with us and exchange it for a great alternative option!

If you know the camera your recipient uses, you can always shoot for a camera bag to hold their gear while they are shooting. ThinkTank or Vanguard bags are high-quality pieces that are usually able to hold a camera and several lenses along with other smaller accessories.

ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20
Spectral 15 Shoulder Bag
ThinkTank StreetWalker V2.0 Lightweight Backpack

The ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20 is perfect for smaller mirrorless cameras, or push up to the larger Spectral 15 Shoulder bag for DSLR-sized setups. If they really need some space, the ThinkTank StreetWalker V2.0 Lightweight Backpack can carry enough to really help them haul all kinds of gear.

If you want an option from Vanguard, their line offers the Oslo 14Z holster bag for quick on the go shooting. For larger shoots where you need more gear, their Alta Rise 43 sling bag brings more space and includes a built-in rain cover if your photographer is the adventurous type (or just likes being prepared!). If they really want to bring their entire kit and caboodle, the Vanguard Alta Fly 49T Black Trolley Bag offers enough room to bring everything but the kitchen sink.

Vanguard Oslo 14Z
Vanguard Alta Rise 43
Vanguard Alta Fly 49T
ProMaster XC522 Copper Tripod

For the aspiring photographer, a good solid tripod from ProMaster is a great option, as they are pretty universal with a threaded mount, working with any number of camera styles. Regardless of which camera they use, a tripod is helpful to keep it steady and able to limit vibrations to get the best shot possible. One option would be the XC522 Copper Tripod with a Ball Head, boasting a built-in monopod and a lightweight design.

If you are nervous about trying to buy something specific to their camera gear, and instead want to get something that is sure to please no matter what, there definitely are still some choices! Some smaller stocking stuffer opportunities include a pack of top-notch SD cards to capture each shot, a lens cleaner set to help tidy up fingerprints or dirt on their lens is always appreciated, or an SD card reader to help them quickly transfer shots to their computer.

Pro Huppin’s tip: A Huppin’s gift card can also help make any photographer’s holidays better, call our online resources to order a gift card simply and quickly! Call (866) 340-9998 to get in touch with a Huppin's call center representative and order a gift card for the photographer in your life today!