Burson Soloist | Headphone Amplifier / Pre–amplifier


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    The Burson Philosophy

    Our philosophy is simple; the less our components interfere with the audio signal the more complete your musical experience. This is our core design philosophy since we began in 1996. If our equipment is designed well and transparent enough – and it is – then the pace, rhythm, timing dynamics and tonality becomes a natural expression of the music. We feel this can never be achieved with standard circuit building blocks like IC chip op–amps, IC regulators, or even standard transformers. Instead we research and develop customized discrete circuits specifically to suit their applications. Only then does each and every component in the signal path perform at its peak. And only then will the end result match our expectations.

Details from Burson Audio

    Powerful and Transparent

    No other headphone amp offers as much power with so few components in the signal path as the Soloist. Conventional headphone amplifier designs use IC op–amps in the signal path. Since each op–amp contains over 50 low–quality components, most of them not even required for audio playback, these packed–together chips distort the audio signal, it's in their nature. The Soloist is perfectly tailored with a symmetrical current feedback circuit with only 21 components in the signal path explaining the wonderful sound.

    Sustained Peak Performance

    Burson's oversize transformers and power supplies deliver pure class–A peak driving power, a muscular 4Wpc into 16 ohms. To achieve the same specification most conventional designs settle for a 24 watt transformer. Burson understands the difference between burst and sustained power so you'll find a custom 35VA transformer ensuring the Soloist is capable of a sustained 4 watts at all times.

    Clean and Stable Power

    The Soloist power supply is built around a custom noise–filtering network employing twice as many filtering stages as most conventional designs resulting in superior noise rejection. That's why the Soloist delivers such clean and stable power with beautiful music emerging from a pitch–black background. The entire CNC–machined and polished aluminium enclosure functions an super–efficient heatsink. Find out why Burson customers call it "The Vault".

    The Bank Vault

    Sometimes called the Vault by our customers, the 6mm Resonance Free Aluminum (RFA) enclosures are constructed from precision–machined panels. Eight stainless steel bolts hold the enclosure together so it's virtually indestructible.

    Resonance Free 6mm Aluminum Enclosures

    We took great care to ensure the thickness of each wall varied from the others to increase the mechanical damping factor. The RFA enclosures display superior mechanical noise rejection (internal and external) compared to conventionally folded–steel enclosures used by many audio manufacturers.

    Optimizing Idle Current

    The geometry of the case and the precision of the enclosure's build allows the entire case to disperse heat very evenly so it acts like a large heat sink, something a steel–folded or thinly–built aluminium case can't match. The enclosure removes any need for big, unattractive heat sink fins and allows our components to be set at a high idle current. The results are lower distortion, higher output and improved dynamics.

    Variable Output Stage (VOS)

    Burson's Variable Output Stage (VOS) enables the Soloist to perfectly match any headphone or speaker system ensuring synergy as your system evolves through time. With Burson's Variable Output Stage (VOS) headphone a listener can select different output power levels to match the headphone's requirements. From a low–level output of 0.18Wpc to a whopping 4Wpc the VOS ensures there's plenty of fine control for every type of headphone on the market. VOS features three levels of gain from 7dB to 18dB. VOS's total flexibility means the preamp section can be a perfect match with low–power tube amps as well as high–power solid–state muscle amps, from low–efficiency closed–box speakers to high–efficiency horn–loaded speaker. Burson leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of beautiful, engaging sound.

    Uncompromised Performance

    Our super–accurate 24–step attenuator features 99% matched resistors for a stable and 3 dimensional soundstage. The Burson stepped attenuator is built with premium–quality components and a solid–machined aluminium knob that ensures smooth and well–controlled operation. The Burson volume control, unlike commonly–available stepped attenuators, is comprised of only one < 0.1% metal film resistor in the signal path. The result is total elimination of distortion introduced by typical volume controls that can vary up to 7%.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    2 Year Limited
Detailed Specifications
    Product Specifications
  • Input impedance: 36.5 KOhms
  • Frequency response: + 1 dB 0 – 50Khz
  • Signal to noise ratio: >96dB
  • THD: <0.03% at 30ohm with 1W ouput Channel separation: >73dB
  • Output power: 4W at 16 Ohms
  • Input impedance: >8K Ohm @ 1W
  • Output impedance (Headphone Amp): 3 Ohm
  • Output impedance (Line Level): 30 Ohm
  • Power dissipation: 25W internal, regulated power supply
  • Colour: silver anodized aluminium
  • Inputs
  • Gold plated RCA (line level input): 3
  • Outputs
  • Headphone jacks 6.35mm: 1
  • RCA Pre Amp output: 1
  • Dimensions
  • Width: 7.08"
  • Height: 3.14"
  • Depth: 10.03"
  • Weight: 2.20 lbs
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Included Coverage from Burson Audio: 2 Year Limited

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