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    Energize your workout and infuse it with a boost of bass. PUMP Mini Wireless HD Audio Sportbuds by BlueAnt deliver all–day comfort and best–in–class wireless range, so you can stay on beat without letting wires get you off track. Three sizes of ComfortSeal ear tips and three sizes of SuperFit Stabilizers can be fitted independently to achieve that custom–fit feel for comfort that lasts all day, no matter how large or small your ears may be, and with a 6 hour battery, your workout and training sessions will have one less distraction keeping you away from your endorphin high. BlueAnt’s Energize HD audio driver profile is specifically tuned to enhance bass tones to help pump up your drive and help you work harder.

    Ready for Smartphones and Smartwatches

    The PUMP MINI will even work with your Apple Watch or Android Wear watch, so you can leave your device in your locker, car or even at home, and still achieve your goals. And because BlueAnt knows how important your workouts are, they’ve made the PUMP MINI sweat proof with an IP54 rating and a charge port cover, so you can continue working out and forget about small annoyances that can totally derail your training. Available in colors that will get you stoked to hit the gym, these Purple PUMP MINI headphones are the Wonder Twins of your workout a?? an amazingly powerful duo that really packs a punch!

Details from BlueAnt

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    Superfit System

    BlueAnt knows the best sound comes from a subperb fit. This means each part of the earbud can be catered to comfortably fit a specific ear. Choose the combination of two tone ComfortSeal ear tips and SuperFit Stabilizers independently fitted specifically for you. With 3 sizes of tips* and 3 sizes of stabilizers*, find that perfect fit, sound and all day comfort regardless of ear size.

    **Small, medium and large tips and small, medium and large stabilizers are included with every BlueAnt PUMP MINI so you get a SuperFit made just for you.

    Sweatproof with a full IP54 rating

    Sweat is the destroyer of earbuds, so BlueAnt designed the Pink PUMP MINI sweatproof so you push as hard and the tempo of the music. The MINI has a charge port cover to protect it from moisture seeping inside. After the compact running headphones have finished charging, just close the cover and they are all–weather, insane workout ready.

    Simple one touch controls for tracks, volume and calls

    Skip through various tracks, ask Siri® or Google Now® the weather without laying a hand on your smartphone. Integrated simple one touch buttons on the right earbud allow hands free control of music and important phone calls. No need to fumble for your phone when in the middle of your workout.

    Image of BlueAnt Mini Ear exploded view

    Over 6 hours of play time on a 1 hour charge

    Whether getting ready for a lengthy run, or simply need to have access to a favoite playlist while commuting, the Pink PUMP Mini is ready. Simply charge the running headphones with a microUSB cable with the charge port for just an hour and enjoy up to six hours of uninterrupted music. Mini and iPhone like to talk to each other as well. An integrated battery meter shows on screen how much power you have left.

    Works with any Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet

    Enjoy music or make calls with any smartphone, tablet or MP3 player that supports Bluetooth®(A2DP). The PUMP Mini Pink seamlessly connects to deliver HD quality audio with authority.


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