Blue Lola | Black Over-Ear High Fidelity Heaphones

  • Visionary design for unprecedented end–to–end performance
  • Custom 50mm drivers deliver incredible sound
  • Revolutionary personalized fit for superior comfort
  • Sealed over–ear design for immersive isolation
Blue Lola White Sealed over-ear high fidelity headphone


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Ear Shaped Earcups That Deliver Big Sound

    With the large majority of headphones for sale in the market today, they are ever–striving for the newest and futuristic–looking pieces. With Lola, Blue has worked to create a headphone that delivers high–end music. These precision headphones are a throwback look, but they are primarily a delivery device to bring the top notch reproduction of sound into your eardrums. With 50mm custom drivers and premium adjustable headband, Lola works to bring premium abilities to headphones that you will use every day. Whether your commute is 5 minutes or two hours, these Lola headphones are ready for it. They will bring your daily soundtrack to life and feel personalized and custom–fit when their oval earcups truly fit over your ears. With a specialty enclosure that helps maximize the amount of air around the drivers, and a sealed enclosure with a thick wall protecting all of the intricate parts, the Lola knows that it needs to be built to last. The Formula One–inspired headband design and the classic elements that ensure these headphones stand out, the beautiful Black color brings an extra shine and sohpistication to these acoustic accessories. You will definitely want some for your next musical experience.

Details from Blue Microphone

    What Makes Lola Sound So Good?

    It all starts with acoustics, because when it comes to great sound, there’s no substitute for the movement of air. We optimized every aspect of Lola’s design for performance—from large 50mm premium drivers, to the large enclosures that maximize the volume of air around the drivers. The airtight, 100% sealed enclosure consists of a thick wall that’s heavily reinforced. This makes the enclosures extremely strong and resistant to vibration and flexing, creating a stable platform for the drivers to deliver accurate and inspiring sound. Lola’s holistic design delivers full–range sound that’s tight and powerful in the low end, articulate and warm in the mids, and extended, with accurate high–frequency response that is never harsh or fatiguing.

    Reinvented Headband Construction

    Ordinary headphones have the same old “spring loaded” headband that you’ve seen a zillion times. They’re uncomfortable and they kill sound quality. Lucky for you Lola is no ordinary headphone… Lola’s unique multi–jointed headband was inspired by the finely tuned suspension of Formula One racecars. It’s elegant. It’s comfortable. And it adapts to a variety of head shapes and sizes. Simply put, it’s a level of fit and comfort that isn’t even possible with other headphones. This innovative design creates a perfect seal around your ear, resulting in powerful bass response, improved isolation and reduced sound bleed.

    The Better the Fit, The Better the Sound

    Too many headphones today are designed as fashion accessories. We designed Lola with superior sound as the ultimate goal. Which means we completely reimagined the form and functionality—without any preconceived notions about what headphones are “supposed” to look like. You’ll hear the difference immediately.

    Precision Height Adjustment

    Most headphones on planet Earth require you to adjust the height of the earcups by yanking them down. Lola’s height adjustment happens in a completely different way. The adjustable pivoting arms let the earcups float into place and move with you. It’s a personalized fit that makes you want to spend more time with the music you love.

    Earcups that actually fit your ears

    Our ears are shaped like ears. So why are most headphone earcups round? We have no idea either. LOLA’s earcups fit precisely over your ears, providing a better seal for superior isolation and ambient noise reduction. The reimagined design even lets the drivers breathe more for premium sound reproduction. It’s like a one–way valve for sound.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    3 Year Warranty
Detailed Specifications
  • Type and size: 50mm, fiber–reinforced dynamic driver
  • Impedance: 42 ohms
  • Frequency response: 15Hz–20kHz
  • Enclosure details: Sealed enclosure with tuned damping materials

  • Weight: 397 g (14 oz)
  • Outer dimensions (closed): 21cm x 14cm x 12cm; 8.27” x 5.51” x 4.72
  • Outer dimensions (open): 18cm x 29cm x 12cm; 7.09” x 11.42” x 4.72”
Product Bullets
  • Visionary design for unprecedented end–to–end performance
  • Custom 50mm drivers deliver incredible sound
  • Revolutionary personalized fit for superior comfort
  • Sealed over–ear design for immersive isolation


Included Coverage from Blue Microphone: 3 Year Warranty

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