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BDI Braden | Chocolate Stained Walnut TV Stand (8828CWL)

  • Accomodates TV up to 75" and 175lbs.
  • Flow–through ventalation keeps components cool.
  • Adjustable shelves cater to your AV system.
  • Features generous 63.75" sound bar shelf

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Providing a new level of versatility, BRADEN’s unique design beautifully accommodates either a soundbar speaker or a tall center channel speaker. This is made possible by the removable center shelf that creates a tall opening for speakers that would typically not fit in most cabinets. BRADEN also has two side component compartments and a convenient media storage drawer. Cabinets include hidden wheels and IR–friendly, grey tinted glass doors with soft–close hardware.

Details from BDI

    Adjustable Shelves

    Home theater components come in a wide variety sizes and unique shapes, BDI has included with the Braden shelves that can be adjusted to accomodate virtually any system configuration. Each shelf resides on steel pins which are rubber–padded to minimze component vibration. These high–quality threaded inserts allow you to make adjustments in 1.25–inch incerments to best suit your AV system.

    Cable Management

    No one loves seeing a bundle of distracting wires cluttering an otherwise gorgeous installation. BDI has engineered their cabinets to keep this tangle of cables and connections neatly hidden at the rear of the entertainment console. The rear panel is removalbe with integrated routing channels that neatly conceal and secure your entertainment systems' wiring.

    Corner Friendly

    Whether you merely are accomodating the layout of the room, or attempting to "feng shui" the perfect theater room BDI designed Braden to fit along the wall or even in the corner. The rear of the console is angled to "hug" the corner maximizing the space required.

    Flow–Through Ventilation

    In an attempt to minimize strain and failure of your AV components, BDI incorporates flow–through ventilation. The generous ventilation slots allow your best AV receiver

    Hidden Wheels

    Concealed wheels are built into the leg assemblies of home theater furniture that feature this icon. This means – even if fully loaded – the piece can be moved away from the wall by one person for easy access to cables and connections. Levelers allow the unit to be raised off of its wheels, securing it in place if desired.

    Integrated Levelers

    Floors can be quite uneven and your home theater needs to be level for optimum performance. BDI includes easily adjustable levelers to compensate for minor leveling issues in flooring or to correct minor panel–alignment issues. Braden's hidden wheels include integrated levelers that are readily accessible from inside the cabinet, allowing the cabinet to be lifted up off of its wheels to secure it in place, if desired.

    Integrated Swivel

    Braden features an integrated swivel mechanism offering a little more versatility than standard televsion stands. With just the touch of a hand you can rotate the design to get a better view from almost anywhere in the room. Swivel the unit for easy access to connections, or just to turn the screen away from unwanted light.

    IR–Friendly Glass

    All of BDI’s furniture is designed with ease of use in mind. Grey tinted glass doors and windows keep components out of sight yet are compatible with the Infrared (IR) signals used by many remote controls.

    Preision Hardware

    BDI’s furniture features only the finest quality materials and finishes. Sturdy construction and steel or interlocking–panel supports provide a strong foundation for your home theater. Additionally, BDI specifies only the finest European–style hardware. Door handles and other metal details are beautifully finished. The unique soft–close hinges on most door assemblies, for example, are fully adjustable to ensure that doors hang evenly, swing smoothly and close gently.

    Removable Back Panel

    BDI home theater cabinets are innovatively engineered with removable or sliding back panels that allow simple access to the back of components for simple installation, cabling and maintenance. Wider cabinets feature ventilated back panels on the left and right which are sliding or removable along with a fixed center back panel. This center panel is a structural element and not removable. Center panels have openings in them for wire management and ventilation purposes.

    SoundBar Platform

    This generously sized shelf or platform places a soundbar in the ideal position while allowing complete sound dispersion. This dedicated home for a soundbar places the speaker at the perfect height while providing unobstructed sound.

    Concealed Speaker Compartment

    Units with this icon include a concealed compartment designed for use with a center channel speaker. The compartment may be a drawer or a shelf that includes a speaker–fabric panel front, allowing the speaker’s sound to come through. Select models allow the drawer to be removed completely, revealing a finished shelf that allows for larger speakers.

    Tempered Glass

    Practically all of the glass used by BDI is tempered glass (also referred to as toughened glass). Tempered glass is virtually shatterproof and four to five times stronger than standard glass. When used for shelves, tempered glass is strong enough to support the heaviest components. Tempered glass provides a higher degree of security from breakage.

    TV Mounting Bracket

    Furniture that features this icon includes a mounting bracket that allows the user to mount a broad range of flat panel TVs directly. Cables are kept out of sight, neatly routed through the sturdy steel support column. Refer to individual model specifications for recommended TV sizes.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
Detailed Specifications
    Open Top Compartment
  • For Speaker Use (H × W × D): 7.75 × 63.75 × 8.25 in
  • For Component Use, Center: 7.75 × 25.25 × 17 in
  • For Component Use, Sides × 2: 7.75 × 18.5 × 17 in
  • Shelf Capacity: 75lbs.

  • Side Component Compartments
  • Interior Dimensions (H × W × D): 12 × 18.5 × 18 in.
  • Adjustable Shelf Capacity: 50lbs
  • Bottom Shelf Capacity: 75 lbs.

  • Open Center Compartment
  • Interior Dimensions (H × W × D): 5.5 × 18.5 × 18 in.
  • Interior Dimensions Self Removed (H × W × D): 13.5 × 25.25 × 17 in
  • Bottom Shelf Capacity: 75 lbs.

  • Media Storage Drawer
  • Interior Dimensions (H × W × D): 5.5 × 23 × 16.25 in.
  • Drawer Capacity: 40 lbs.

  • Recommended TV Size: up to 75" Flat Panel TV
  • Arena TV Mount Compatibility: 9972
  • Overall Dimensions (H × W × D): 27 × 68.75 × 20.75 in
  • Component Capacity: 8–12
  • Number of Adjustable Shelves: 3
  • Adjustable Shelf Increments: 1.25 in ; 3 positions
  • Top Shelf Capacity: 175 lbs
  • Weight: 193 lbs
  • Packaged Dimensions (H × W × D): 25 × 23.5 × 71.5 in
  • Packaged Weight: 213 lbs
Product Bullets
  • Accomodates TV up to 75" and 175lbs.
  • Flow–through ventalation keeps components cool.
  • Adjustable shelves cater to your AV system.
  • Features generous 63.75" sound bar shelf


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