AudioQuest SorboGel Energy Absorbing QFeet | Set of 4


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Product Highlights

    Create An Anti–Vibration Environment For Your CD And Record Players

    There's no such thing as good vibrations. Get the wiggles out with SorboGel QFeet from AudioQuest. It's not solid rubber and it's not liquid. SorboGel is a semi–liquid with long, synthetic molecules, designed to isolate vibration and transfer it away from your components. More noticeable with components that feature a spinning mechanism like disk players and turntables, QFeet extract wiggly, wobbly energy from your device and convert it into miniscule amounts of non–destructive heat – because devices don't like their own vibrations. A half–sphere shape filled with Sorbothane, QFeet will absorb mechanical energy without returning it to your component as long as you don't compress the gel too much. For best results, leave some "give" in your QFoot and place no more than 8 pounds on each foot, or 35 pounds for the full set of 4. Happy feet, happy components, happy audiophiles. The world is right again.

Details from AudioQuest

    SorboGel Q–Foot

    AudioQuest's Q–Foot can breathe new life into your system by damping unwanted vibrations, allowing the system to sing deeper and further into the music. One particular place that we've found Q–Foot to be particularly effective is under any spinning mechanism, be it a disc player, turntable, or hard–drive/computer combination. Spinning mechanisms do not like their own vibrations, or others for that matter.

    Unique Energy Absorbing Shape

    The shape of the foot makes a very big difference. The partial hole in the center increases compliance and horizontal surface. The extra vertical surface means more movement of the material is possible, and therefor more kinetic energy can be lost (turned into heat). The damping aspect of Q–Foot is often more important than the isolation ability. though it is the non–specific frequency ability to both damp and isolate which makes Q–Foot so universally effective. Q–Foot are effective over a very wide band, the only strong caveat is to make sure that under a turntable or other more–than–average sensitive device, that the Q–foot are not pressed down on so hard that they lose their compliance. It's always more effective when there's "give" left, just more give is required to be most effective in such applications.


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  • Brand Name: Audioquest
  • ASIN: B0009MF4F0
  • Item model number: SORBOQSET
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • Manufacturer Warranty Description: 5 years
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