AudioQuest Rocket 33 14ft. SBW (Ea.) Single-BiWire Speaker Cable Terminated with Silver BFA Bananas


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Rocket 33
    This Double Star–Quad Geometry "Rocket" cable does not look normal on the outside, and it is not at all normal on the inside. A sophisticated combination of extraordinary materials and extremely refined design allows the Rockets to honor all types of music equally.

Details from AudioQuest

    Rocket 33 uses a carefully finessed combination of Long–Grain Copper and extremely high–purity Perfect–Surface Copper. LGC has fewer oxides within the conducting material, less impurities, less grain boundaries, and definitively better performance. The astonishingly smooth and pure PSC further eliminates harshness and greatly increases clarity.

    The four negative conductors in Rocket 33 are insulated with partially conductive Carbon–Loaded Polyethylene. This remarkable material damps radio–frequency garbage from being fed back into the amplifier. The sonic benefit is exactly the same reduction in "hash" and better dimensionality that comes whenever RF garbage is reduced in an audio circuit. Rocket 33 uses Nitrogen–Injected Foamed–Polyethylene Insulation on its positive conductors because air absorbs next to no energy, and Polyethylene is low–loss with a benign distortion profile. Thanks to all the air in Foamed–Polyethylene Insulation, it causes much less of the "out–of–focus" effect common to other materials.

    The relationship between conductors defines a cable's most basic electrical values (capacitance and inductance). However, even when those variables are kept in a reasonable balance, the relationship between conductors can be varied in ways that greatly affect the sound. The Double Star–Quad construction of Rocket 33 allows for significantly improved dynamic contrast and intelligibility compared to parallel conductors.

    Any single size or shape of conductor has a specific distortion profile. Even though radially symmetrical conductors (solid or tubular) have the fewest discontinuities, any conductor of a particular size does have a sonic signature. SST is a method for significantly reducing the awareness of these character flaws by using a precise combination of different sized conductors. The different SST–determined conductor sizes used in Rocket 33 allow an exceptionally clear, clean and dynamic sound.

    Rocket 33 is an exceptional Single–BiWire cable. When the halves are separated at the speaker end, the Double Star–Quad Geometry turns Rocket 33 into a true Double–BiWire set thanks to the magnetic autonomy of each Quad–conductor section. On its own, one Star–Quad conductor group would be a little lightweight in performance as it is biased towards treble finesse. The other Star–Quad conductor group is biased toward the bass; it's more forceful and lacking ultimate resolution. Together they form a completely optimized full–range design. When separated, the Double Star–Quad design allows Rocket 33 to be a maximum–performance Double BiWire in a single cable.

    AudioQuest offers a wide range of high–quality connectors that allow Rocket 33 to be securely attached to any type of equipment. Quality is in the low–distortion sound, not necessarily in the eye–candy effect. AQ ends are either dull looking gold or silver because these metals are plated directly over the connector. There is no shiny and harsh sounding nickel layer underneath. AQ PK–spade lugs are soft because better metal is soft, and facilitates a higher quality connection. For pieces requiring a banana plug or BFA connector, the AQ PK–BFA/Banana provides unprecedented performance over conventional brass versions.


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