AudioQuest HDMI Extender Video Accessory


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Details from AudioQuest

    This small device (about half the size of a pack of cigarettes - see attached photo) effectively doubles the working length of any of Audioquest`s HDMI cables.

    Simply insert it in line:
    Source > AQ HDMI Cable > EXTENDER > AQ HDMI Cable > Display

    When you can`t split the difference (using two of the same length cables) place the EXTENDER closer to the display, rather than the source.

    Need the overall length even longer? Add additional Extenders:
    Source > AQ HDMI Cable > EXTENDER > AQ HDMI Cable > EXTENDER > AQ HDMI Cable > Display

    Remember, not all sending and receiving pieces perform the same. We always recommend verifying the functionality of any HDMI cable of 12 meters or longer with the gear you plan to use it with.

    This is especially important with 1080 Progressive sources and displays where 7.5 meters is the effective working distance of ANY HDMI cable.

    Audioquest`s EXTENDER effectively doubles that with each addition. The AQ HDMI EXTENDER receives power from the HDMI piece ahead of it, so there is no need for an external power source.


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