AudioQuest CleanScreen TV Screen Cleaning Kit


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    Tidy Up Your Screens And Ensure That

    A Microfiber cloth, retractable brush, and CleanScreen Spray are the components of this cleaning kit from AudioQuest. Your television screen deserves to be clean of fingerprints and dust, keeping the images as clear and crisp as they were meant to be. Trust AudioQuest's CleanScreen Kit is perfect to make sure every screen in the house is wiped down and tidy, whether it's the television, tablet, or phone that needs cleaning.

Details from AudioQuest

    CleanScreen Kit

    With the advancement of screen display technology, it has become increasing important to use the correct solutions to clean the screens without damaging them or degrading their performance. From computer monitor displays and flat–screen TVs at home, to laptops, mobile phones and tablets on the go, it's crucial to understand that these video screens and displays are very sensitive to damage not only from dirt and debris, but from inferior cleansers and cloths too.

    AudioQuest's CleanScreen offers a complete cleaning system that removes unwanted build–up on delicate glass surfaces without fear of scratching, smearing, or creating static electricity. Unlike improperly formulated cleaners that can permanently damage displays. CleanScreen's educated blend of solvents cleans effectively and safely.

    Full– and travel–size bottles of CleanScreen cleaning fluid include a microfiber cloth for each and a retractable brush that can be used as a pre–cleaner or as a daily dust cleaner. CleanScreen's microfiber filaments are so fine that a single ounce of this material could be strung over 160 miles long. While extremely soft and safe for screens, the CleanScreen microfiber cloth's "pineapple" texture increases absorbency and reduces drying time.


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