Astell&Kern AK120 - Portable 64GB Dual DAC MQS Audio System


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Ultimate portable Hi–Fi system with Mastering Quality Sound
    When the sound of music is more important than anything, Astell&Kern deliver the portable MQS system, AK120. The AK120 supports high–definition audio formats and DSD playback, meets the standards of Hi–Fi audio, and comes equipped with the Wolfson 8740 DAC which, in combination with the AK120 amp, creates a dual mono system that separates left and right audio channels. The AK120 can be used as an external DAC through the built–in USB port, and comes equipped with dual microSD card slots and supports up to 192GB of storage space. The AK120 offers a very intuitive user experience through a more robust and sensitive touch screen, and features a brushed aluminum body.

Details from Astell and Kern

    DSD Playback support
    DSD(Direct Stream Digital) is the digital audio format found embedded into SACD(Super Audio CD) physical media. In common digital audio recording, PCM(Pulse Code Modulation) is the Y–axis of a sine wave is divided into 65000 (16bit) to 1,670 million(24bit) and the X–axis is divided into 44,000(44.1kHz) to 192,000(192kHz) parts. When comparing a standard PCM digital recording to the DSD approach, the digital signal is transformed by Y–axis of the DSD sine waves that are measured at single bit(1bit, 0s and 1s) sequence and is divided 2.8 million(2.8MHz) to 5.6 million(5.6MHz) times into the X–axis.

    In general, when comparing SACD and PCM 16bit/44.1kHz Audio CDs, SACDs are recorded in frequency ranges up to 100kHz and greatly expand the dynamic range over 120dB while maintaining clarity of sound that a traditional PCM audio signal cannot reproduce. In order to listen to SACD, a dedicated SACD player is needed, but the AK120 brings SACD audio format playback to a portable player with DSD audio support. Enjoy the sound of DSD without a separate SACD player with the AK120. (AK120 supports the .dff and .dsf DSD formats up to 2.8MHz resolution.)

    Equipped with the Wolfson 8740 DAC
    AK120 DAC & Amp Creates a Dual Mono System that separates Left & Right Audio Channels. From input to output, the design of the dual Wolfson WM8740 DAC implemented in the Astell & Kern AK120 independently separates the left and right audio channels, creating a true Dual–Mono audio output system. When the analog audio signal passes through the dual Wolfson WM8740 DAC, not only does the AK120 use the Ultralow Distortion and Noise Technology, but executes the optimal digital noise reduction technology combined into the analog amp. The dual DAC built–in to the AK120 forms a dual–monaural audio ecosystem that brings wider soundstage, channel separation, and an overall richer sound.

    Use the AK120 as an external DAC through the USB port.
    With the Astell & Kern AK120, the Wolfson WM8740 chips can also be used as an external DAC through the USB terminal. Enjoy more lively sound from the music files stored through a variety of sources, including computers and car audio systems. The optical IN port of the AK120 can also be used as an external DAC.

    Total memory
    The AK120 is equipped with dual microSD card slots and supports up to 192GB of storage space. The AK120 comes with 64GB of high–speed internal flash memory and dual microSD memory card slots capable of supporting up to 64GB of memory in each slot. Store up to 192GB of high–resolution audio with the AK120.

    4 generations of MQS Albums supported on microSD cards
    The additional memory card slot holds an important point. 24–bit album recordings will soon be released with music files stored in microSD memory cards. For a mainstream album, LP (vinyl) records would be considered as first generation, second generations are cassette tapes, and Compact Discs (CDs) is the third and current generation. Fourth generation albums are considered as MQS albums that are released in high capacity microSD memory cards. Comfortably enjoy two albums at once through the dual memory card slots of the Astell & Kern.

    A Practical EQ Determines the Change in Frequency Response
    With the Astell & Kern and a nice set of headphones, audio enthusiasts will appreciate even more various genres of music. Use the touch interface of the built–in 5–band equalizer to delicately find the tone you desire. In addition, touch the screen to finely adjust the value of each band.

    UI with an Integrated Touch Screen and Control Buttons
    The AK120 offers very intuitive user experience through a more robust and sensitive touch screen. The 2.4 inch touchscreen and the integrated hardware control buttons on the right and left side of the AK120 make setup quick and easy. Now with an updated and intuitive graphic user interface of the AK120, find your favorite tunes quickly even without taking it out of your pocket. The curved design of the volume wheel guard provides additional protection to the volume wheel.

    The updated GUI offers faster selection of your large library of music. Setting up the desired equalizer is also easy and is simple as a swipe of your fingers. The main GUI consists of six (6) key icons to help navigate and play your favorites quickly.

    Touching the upper part of the main menu instantly brings you back to the "Now Playing" screen. Access your current playlist in a flash by touching the left side of the "Now Playing" screen. Touching the "Option" icon brings up the other option settings, including the EQ settings. The dedicated GUI design give easy access of music makes the AK120 a true hi–resolution audio companion.

    A brushed aluminum body with superior craftsmanship
    The brushed aluminum pores finish represents a deep and refined craftsmanship not traditionally found in a combination.

    More solid and refined design impression of the AK120
    The design of the volume wheel protector resembles the bridge of a stringed instrument and hints at the more enriched sound from the AK120. Luxurious details are not missed at all with the AK120. The red ring wrapped around the volume wheel is a design statement of the Astell & Kern identity and the fine craftsmanship of all metal components reassures the long lasting quality of the Astell & Kern.


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