Apple TV 64GB with Siri Remote | MLNC2LL/A

  • A8 Processor With 64–Bit Architecture
  • HDMI 1.43 Port (Cable Not Included)
  • Airplay
  • iOS Device Mirroring
  • Compatible With Wired Or Wireless Networks

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    The future of television is here.

    Get your favorite Apple apps and games on your home HDTV with the 4th generation Apple TV. It’s time to think outside the box and turn your living room into a fitness studio, classroom or multiperson game night – the possibilities are endless and the entertainment selection is out of this world. Connect Apple TV to your High–definition TV via HDMI cable (sold separately) and use the intelligent Siri Remote (included) with Touch surface to effortlessly search and scan for content you love. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, or WatchESPN, browse the extensive collection of apps in the Apple App Store and find exactly what you’re looking for; and with 64GB of storage, you’ll have plenty of room for movies, games and shows.

Details from Apple

    Apple TV

    The future of television starts with apps. You already use apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW and WatchESPN to watch TV on your mobile devices. And that's where TV on your big screen is headed. The new Apple TV is designed around this reality. And the Siri Remote with Touch surface takes the effort out of searching through all these apps to find something great to watch. In addition, the App Store brings games and apps to your television with big experiences created specifically for the living room. Welcome to the new Apple TV. It's where TV is headed.

    The Future Of Television Is Here

    TV is a major part of our lives. We gather together around our big screens to watch big shows and big events. Yet somehow, the overall experience of TV has continued to stagnate. Until now. It all starts by recognizing that apps are the future of television. HBO NOW, WatchESPN, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes – apps are quickly becoming how we watch today. So we built a new foundation around this vision – with a new operating system called tvOS, innovative ways to connect with your screen, and a smart use of Siri to search for something to watch. This is the new Apple TV. This is where television is headed.

    It's All About Apps

    Apps are the future of television. Think about it. On your mobile devices and computers, you already use apps such as Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN, and iTunes to watch TV shows. And that's exactly where TV in the living room is headed. Apps have liberated television. They allow you to make individual choices about what you want to watch. And when and where you want to watch it. With the new Apple TV and its powerful new tvOS, developers are creating experiences that will change what you expect from your big screen, making your TV feel as personal as your iPhone or iPad.

    All The Entertainment Your TV Can Handle

    iTunes movies and TV shows. Netflix and Hulu. ABC and Disney. HBO and SHOWTIME. Live sports and news. And so much more. If it's worth watching, there's definitely an app for that.

    Games And Apps An TV. It's Gonna Be Huge

    The App Store makes its TV debut. Think big, exciting games. Apps that turn your living room into a fitness studio or a classroom. Even multiperson experiences that redefine family game night. We can't wait to see where developers take this.

    The Television Finally Gets Some Technology Love

    With the advent of iPhone and iPad, many of the big innovations and newest technologies have focused on the small screens that fit in our pockets or that we carry in our hands. But it's time our big screens share in that technology and get an equally innovative experience. With the new Apple TV and tvOS, a redesigned interface, and the Siri Remote, therea??s never been a better time to be a TV.

    A TV Experience You've Never Experienced

    Your TV screen is all the way across the room. That's why the experience of using Apple TV is designed to let you feel like you're interacting directly with your TV, not separated from it.

    Ask More Of Your Television With Siri Remote

    With all these new apps on your TV, what's the best way to find something to watch? Just ask Siri. With the Siri Remote, you tell your TV exactly what you want to watch. Or ask Siri to give you a few options, like "Find me some funny TV shows." Siri automatically searches across popular services like iTunes, Netflix, and more, so you don't have to dig through each app individually. You can even ask Siri to launch a specific app. The Siri Remote takes the work out of watching TV.

    So Long Endless Button Pushing, Hello Swipe

    Touch forever changed how we interact with our phones. Now it comes to the remote. Use your thumb on the Touch surface of the Siri Remote to scroll, select, and navigate your TV screen effortlessly.


Features & Specs

Best Seller
Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year Limited Warranty
Detailed Specifications
    Key Features
  • With Siri and just your voice, it's easy to find movies and TV shows, navigate onscreen, control playback, and get sports, stocks, and weather information.
  • New Siri Remote with Touch surface makes navigating fast and fluid
  • Search across popular apps at once, so you don't need to go in and out of apps.
  • Redesigned experience with 3D effects and beautiful TV and movie product pages.
  • Built–in App Store features great content, high–performance games, and other app categories.
  • Supports popular Apple TV features, such as AirPlay and Family Sharing
  • What You Need
  • HDMI cable
  • High–definition TV with HDMI
  • Wired or wireless network
  • See Networking
  • iTunes purchasing and renting and Home Sharing require iTunes Store account Download iTunes
  • Broadband Internet connection (fees may apply)
  • Tech Specs
  • Processor: A8 chip with 64–bit architecture
  • Capacity: 64GB
  • Connectivity
  • HDMI 1.43
  • 802.11ac Wi–Fi with MIMO
  • 10/100BASE–T Ethernet
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
  • IR receiver
  • USB–C for service and support
  • Built–in power supply
  • Siri Remote
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
  • IR transmitter
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Lightning connector for charging
  • Rechargeable battery providing months of battery life on a single charge (with typical daily usage)
  • Dimensions (Siri Remote)
  • Width: 1.5"
  • Height: 4.88"
  • Depth: 0.25"
  • Weight: 0.1 lb
  • Dimensions (Console)
  • Width: 1.4"
  • Height: 3.9"
  • Depth: 3.9"
  • Weight: 0.93 lb
Product Bullets
  • A8 Processor With 64–Bit Architecture
  • HDMI 1.43 Port (Cable Not Included)
  • Airplay
  • iOS Device Mirroring
  • Compatible With Wired Or Wireless Networks


Included Coverage from Apple: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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