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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    The Smart Keyboard

    The iPad Pro has a new sidekick — the Smart Keyboard. Not just for typing, the Smart Keyboard goes above and beyond what most keyboards are capable of. Part keyboard, part iPad Pro cover, part tablet stand, the Smart Keyboard is slim and lightweight with multiple fold positions so you can use it to type, watch, and cover your iPad Pro without ever taking it off. The top layer of the Smart Keyboard is crafted from a sheet of highly durable custom–woven fabric that's laser ablated to form the shape of each key. There are no mechanisms involved, the fabric provides the spring–like tension of each key for accuracy, stability and allows the Smart Keyboard to boast a 4mm thickness with a water and stain–resistant finish. There's no need to pull out the cords to charge the Smart Keyboard, it's fitted with a unique conductive material that allows for a two–way flow of power and data — simply attach it to your iPad Pro and start typing. Designed to work with iOS 9, the Smart Keyboard adds keyboard shortcuts to perform more commands on your iPad Pro.

Details from Apple

    The New Smart Keyboard For iPad Pro

    For many, a keyboard remains a convenient way to get work done or get thoughts down. The new Smart Keyboard completely reimagines this centuries–old invention to add even more flexibility to iPad Pro. With new technologies that free you from switches, plugs, and even pairing, the Smart Keyboard is the perfect blend of full–size utility and outstanding portability.

    Easy To Use, Even Easier To Take With You

    Simply unfold the Smart Keyboard when you need it. When you don't, fold it up and it becomes a slim, lightweight cover for iPad Pro. The elegant design is also durable, so it can withstand everyday use. And your 23rd draft.

    Your Words Matter, So We Protect Each Letter

    The letters and numbers may be the same, but everything else about the Smart Keyboard is completely new. Its top layer is crafted from a sheet of highly durable custom–woven fabric that's laser ablated to form the shape of each key. The fabric also provides the spring–like tension for each key, eliminating the need for conventional mechanisms. So the Smart Keyboard is just 4 mm thin while providing the accuracy, stability, and satisfying key feel you expect.

    Powerful Communication, Powered In A Brand–New Way

    To make a device as thin and durable as the Smart Keyboard, we couldn't rely on traditional wires or components. By etching a paper–thin sheet of nylon with metal, we created a unique conductive material that allows for a two–way flow of power and data. So you don't charge the Smart Keyboard. Attach it to iPad Pro and start typing. And just as important, the conductive material is durable enough to withstand a lifetime of folding and unfolding.

    No Plugs, No Switches, No Pairing

    The Smart Connector is a new Apple–designed interface that allows seamless communication between the Smart Keyboard and iPad Pro. You'll find it on the connecting edge of the Smart Keyboard as well as on the side of iPad Pro. The Smart Connector works hand in hand with the conductive fabric inside the Smart Keyboard to allow for a two–way exchange of power and data. So you can enjoy a simple yet sophisticated way to type.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year Limited Warranty
Detailed Specifications
  • Compatability: iPad Pro

  • Construction
    • Nylon Exterior
    • Metal Interior

  • Width: 8.68"
  • Height: 12"
  • Depth: 0.15"
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Included Coverage from Apple: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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