Apple ME643LL/A iPod Touch 16GB Black and Silver 5th Generation


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Details & Highlights

Details from Apple

    Brilliant design, the thinnest, lightest iPod Touch ever.
    For the first time, iPod touch is made from the same kind of anodized aluminum used in the MacBook line. And it’s made the same way too: By machining the enclosure from a single piece of aluminum. The first thing you’ll notice about iPod touch is its barely–there weight. Then its supersmooth finish. Then all those Apple details – like the highly polished beveled edges. And iPod touch is made from one of the strongest grades of aluminum there is. Which means that it not only looks and feels incredible, it’s tough enough to tag along on more than a few nights out.

    The loop is easy to attach and detach.
    Just push the button on the back, slide the loop over it, give the loop a little tug, and you’re good to go. The design is so streamlined, you won’t even notice the button until you need it.

    4–inch Retina display. Big Fun.
    iPod touch has a 4–inch Retina display, so all your fun has a beautiful canvas. Your hairpin car–racing turns, your dance party playlist, your favorite celeb gossip site – everything is sharp, vivid, and lifelike. And the display is a perfect widescreen fit for your HD movies and TV shows because you can watch them all without letterboxing.

    One–handed use
    The iPod touch screen is tall, but not wide, so you have complete one–handed control.

    Dual–core A5 chip
    It’s the most powerful iPod touch ever. That’s because the dual–core A5 chip provides up to twice the processing power and up to seven times faster graphics than the previous generation. So games are incredibly responsive and realistic. Your samurai swordplay is sharper than ever, your zombie–dodging ultrasmooth. And because the A5 chip isn’t a power hog, you get great battery life: up to 40 hours of music or 8 hours of video on a single charge.2 So you can keep on swinging, slicing, and racing. And listening, watching, and browsing.

    Siri on iPod touch.
    Siri will wake you up, open your apps, give you movie and restaurant picks, answer your most random questions, and remind you to do stuff. In a nice way. All you have to do is ask.

    Before you head out the door, Siri can tell you whether you need your jacket, what time the movie starts, and which pizza place has the best Yelp reviews.

    Airplay, from one widescreen to another.
    With AirPlay, you can wirelessly stream whatever’s on your iPod touch to your HDTV via Apple TV.7 Say you have some friends over and want a little more real estate to show them something that’s on your iPod touch – a video of you punking a friend or an epic scene from your favorite movie. Tap the AirPlay icon from the app you’re in – such as Photos, Music, Videos, or Safari – and everything on your small screen plays on your big screen. You can also stream music to any AirPlay–enabled speakers or AirPort Express–connected speakers, so your sounds sound even bigger.

    And AirPlay Mirroring lets you share exactly what’s happening on your iPod touch screen at any given moment with everyone in the room – on your HDTV via Apple TV. Show a new site you discovered. Stream games live as you’re playing, and give your alien butt–kicking skills the full display they deserve.

    Bluetooth. Wireless is more.
    With Bluetooth built into iPod touch, pairing with Bluetooth–enabled headphones and speakers is a cinch. And if your car has a Bluetooth–enabled sound system, you can play your tunes to it right from iPod touch. So you never have to miss a beat.

    Lightning connector. Small. Smart. Durable. Reversible.
    The thinnest, lightest iPod touch ever wouldn’t have been possible without completely redesigning the connector you charge it with. The connector is called Lightning. It’s small and smart, and with an adapter (sold separately), it’ll work with the stuff you already have.


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