Apple 2GB Green 5th Generation iPod Shuffle (MD776LL/A)


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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    It's big on color.
    The colorful, clip-and-go iPod shuffle. With buttons, VoiceOver, and playlists, ita??s got all the greatest hits.

Details from Apple

    Design. As beautiful as it is wearable.
    Sleek, anodized aluminum. Eight gorgeous colors.
    Its main body is crafted from a single piece of aluminum, so iPod shuffle feels solid, sleek, and durable. And the color palette makes it the perfect fashion accessory.

    Hundreds of songs to go.
    Never leave a favorite tune behind. Along with up to 15 hours of battery life,1 iPod shuffle gives you 2GB of storage capacity, good for hundreds of songs.2 Thata??s plenty of room for the essential songs of your workout or commute. And for multiple playlists, Genius Mixes, podcasts, and audiobooks, too.

    Goes anywhere. And with anything.
    iPod shuffle isna??t just portable. Ita??s wearable, too. Clip it to your shirt, jacket, workout gear, backpack, or purse strap, and it stays put a?? whether youa??re running an errand or running around the track.

    Controls. Right on the button.
    Control your music with just a click.
    The big, clickable control pad on the front of iPod shuffle makes it easy to see and use the music controls. Press the center button to play and pause. Press the outer buttons to skip forward or back and adjust volume. Click, click, click. Ita??s music to your fingers.

    Play it your way.
    Maybe youa??re the spontaneous type. Or maybe you prefer a little order. Just flip the shuffle switch to suit your listening style. Flip it to the left, and youa??ll hear your music in a refreshingly random way. Flip it to the middle, and your songs play in order. Or flip to the right to turn iPod shuffle off.

    VoiceOver. It tells you what you want to hear.
    Give your songs a voice.
    Say youa??re listening to a song and want to know the title or the artist. Just press the VoiceOver button on top of your iPod shuffle, and it tells you.3 You can even use VoiceOver to hear the names of playlists and switch between them. And if your battery needs charging, VoiceOver tells you that, too.

    It speaks your language.
    A French love song. A Spanish bolero. An Italian cantata. Your music library has songs from all over the world. Thata??s why VoiceOver speaks 29 different languages. So it can tell you song titles and artists in their native tongues or any language you choose.

    Playlists. The perfect mix for every mood.
    Sync to your hearta??s content.
    iTunes on your Mac or PC makes it easy to load up your iPod shuffle. Just choose the playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio files you want, then sync.

    When one playlist isna??t enough.
    You probably have multiple playlists in iTunes on your computer. One for your commute. One for the gym. Sync those playlists to iPod shuffle, and you can play the perfect mix for whatever mood strikes you. VoiceOver tells you the name of each playlist, so ita??s easy to switch between them and find the one you want without looking.

    Have Genius call the tunes.
    Therea??s another way to get a good mix of music on iPod shuffle: Let Genius do the work. Activate Genius in iTunes on your computer, and it automatically finds songs that sound great together. Then it creates Genius Mixes, which you can easily sync to your iPod shuffle. Ita??s the perfect way to rediscover songs you havena??t listened to in forever.

    1. Battery life varies by use and configuration; see for more information.
    2. 1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.
    3. Available in selected languages.


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