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There is nothing more exciting than watching a movie full of action, explosions, and crashes or tuning in to your favorite sports team and hearing the sound of body checks erupting from all directions. If you are at home watching TV, why wouldn’t you want the most interactive experience you can get?

Built-In TV Speakers Are Often Disappointing

HDTVs are the latest in television technology. The colors and images projected are so crisp and clear that they put many other screens to shame. As the years go by, these televisions seem to get thinner and thinner. You can even hang them on your wall if you wish, freeing up room in your house for other items. Although this may seem like a great benefit, the smaller structure of these HDTV sacrifices the sound and performance of the television. While the image may be impressive, the sound and speakers are typically of very poor quality.
Avid television watchers need to take additional steps to obtain the sound quality that matches their new HDTV sets. There are a great number of options available that produce room shaking sound that can impress even the most critical of viewers. These options range from simple, budget friendly contraptions to complicated and elaborate sound systems that put you almost directly into the middle of the action.

Sound Bars Are Easily Connected

As there are different sizes of televisions, there are different sizes of homes and rooms. Not everyone has a 1,000 foot area in which to place an entertainment system. For those who only have limited space as well as a limited budget, a sound bar would be a great choice to amplify and improve the sound on your HDTV. Very little space and wiring are required to install this gadget; you don’t have to run wires or cables across the room. There are also a wide variety of makes, models, and sizes available, so you can be sure to find one that will fit your particular TV model.


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Surround Sound

Those who are looking for a more extravagant and complex sound system can opt for surround sound. This system literally bounces the sound from all angles so that the viewer feels like they are actually in the middle of the action. The smallest noise is picked up, amplified and sounds even louder and intimidating. With the standard speakers on an HDTV, the small sounds typically never even reach the human ear, and if they do, they are relatively unremarkable. A surround sound system usually includes several components: An AV Receiver which amplifies and sends the sound to the speakers, a source component such as a Blu ray player or cable box, and speakers to project the sound into the room.

Choosing Seperate Speakers

The most common surround sounds are either 5.1 or 7.1. With 5.1, you place three speakers up front – left, right, and center – as well as three more elsewhere in the room – left, right, and a sub-woofer. With a 7.1 channel system, you can place 2 more speakers at the back of the room. The type of speakers you choose are important; they determine the range and volume of the sound you want amplified. The right speakers can turn an enjoyable viewing experience into one that is grand and incomparable. Choosing each speaker separately allows you great flexibility in choosing which size and brand you prefer.
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