3D-Bee Home 2D to 3D Converter

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    3D-Bee Home
    The 3D-Bee Home is characterized by its realistic and natural 3D scaling. Objects in the foreground will have exceptionally realistic shape unlike 3D converters in 3D TVs. In addition, the 3D-Bee Home will render depth far into the background including mountains and clouds. This is compared to other converters that offer little if any depth in the background. In addition, it will render depth through fog, smoke, fire, rain, translucent force fields, translucent windows, and explosions.

    Customer Profile
    The 3D-Bee Home is often preferred by users that like natural and realistic 3D scaling, and don't like exaggerated depth, or the complexity of selecting various depth settings to suit different video content. This model is simple and intuitive in operation. It offers two depth modes: za?? which renders all the 3D behind the screen in a realistic scaled fashion, and z+ which renders depth behind the screen as well as nearby objects that can pop out of the screen at a discrete distance of up to six or seven inches preferred by viewers that are sensitive to 3D effects. We find many who have difficulty with viewing other 3D find the natural 3D rendering in this model enjoyable. Viewers wanting more extreme 3D options should consider the 3D-Bee Platinum which has six depth modes with depth exaggeration and much more pop-out distance, and also supports more types of 3D display technology.

    CompatibilityThe 3D-Bee Home works with 1080p or 720p 3D TVs or projectors which accept side-by-side 3D video format.

Details from 3D-Bee

    The 3D-Bee's breakthrough technology provides viewers with never-seen-before, high quality, Natural 3Da?? through our 2D to 3D realtime hardware converter, the 3D-Bee. Convert any 2D video, up to 1080p from standard sources in realtime while you watch them!

    People often ask us, "how is this accomplished, is this some sort of faerie magic"? Indeed it is! We fit an entire tribe of faeries inside each 3D-Bee so you can unlock the magic of your 3D TV or 3D projector.

    Why The 3D-Bee Is Better
    First let our customers speak for us: "My initial experiencesa?? Blown away. This is far better than what you get from "converters" built in to a TV set you may pick up at the store." Now let us tell you why we're better:

    More Depth
    3D converters built into 3D TVs are commonly limited by 256 layers of depth rendering. This results in the foreground objects looking squished in depth because of limited layer to model shapes. It also leaves the background looking as if it were a flat 2D image. The 3D-Bee renders foregrounds in a realistic and natural manner and also renders depth deep into the background creating continuous 3D shapes on objects such as mountains and clouds. In addition, the 3D-Bee Platinum, and 3D-Bee Professional have best in class 3D pop-out. That means you can't get better pop-out elsewhere!

    Better Rendering
    The 3D-Bee renders 3D even through semitransparent conditions such as smoke, fog, fire, explosions, rain, rain on windows, translucent force fields, laser blasts etc. These often trip up simpler technologies. Using multiple techniques and grading the estimation of the depth, you get the best 3D effect. The 3D-Bee can do this because it is entirely implemented with pure combinational logic. It has no processor inside, therefore its sophistication is limitless on how it can determine depth due. Unlike processor based implementations, there is no instruction stream, no processor exceptions or event handling or performance caused artifacts. This combinational logic approach results in a very small size and power with very high performance. So, the 3D-Bee has literally supercomputer performance in about a 4W box.

    Industry Endorsement
    Experts from the industry, movie production studios and a variety of different companies have told us that the 3D-Bee has higher quality conversion than the +$20,000.00 commercial converters which require a large box and 100W or more. We designed the 3D-Bee with an entirely new approach which resulted in the 3D-Bee being what our customers have still been telling us is the highest quality 2D to 3D converter box on the market.

    Full HD Res
    Also unlike the 3D-Bee, most 3D TVs' built-in converters reduce the resolution to either 1080i or 720p, depending on the brand, in order to reduce the computing power needed to fit into their processors. Then they expand it back up resulting in loss of resolution and detail. The 3D-Bee can convert at full 1080p with no loss of resolution, details or data.

    There are a lot of smarts built into the 3D-Bee. For example it is adaptive. It detects scene changes on the first frame of a scene and will re-optimize all the intelligent parameters for that scene. Other converters often look good on some types of video but not others because they lack adaptability. The 3D-Bee adaptive behavior makes it effective on an extraordinarily wide range of video types. It also detects digital inserts such as football scores and pops those to the front; if it is just a video of a scoreboard it will render it within the 3D depth field.

    Natural 3Da??
    We see that every person perceives 3D differently. But some of our common findings are that in general people that don't watch much 3D or people that are sensitive to 3D experience better viewing with the natural 3D scale of the 3D-Bee Home, or the Platinum or Professional's z- & z+ modes. Often times, the people that say they can't watch 3D can comfortably watch the 3D-Bee's z- depth mode which has a very natural scaling and does not appear to pop out at them in the face. But often, people that watch a lot of 3D as well as gamers may like the exaggerated 3D offered in the z++, z- -, z+++, or z- - - of the 3D-Bee Platinum and 3D-Bee Professional. We like watching field sports, home videos, news, etc. on z-, most movies on z- -, and gaming on z++ where it puts, for example, the Halo gun sight right at the end of your arm. The extra exaggerated depth modes, z+++ and z- - - are great for large-scale projection.

    Did we mention the 3D-Bee renders in realtime allowing you to wwatch ALL your live events and sports in 3D as it's happening!
    This is just scratching the surface with all that we put into the 3D-Bee.

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